Monday, 2 July 2007

My view on Italian and European

After 10 days into my trip, here I am now in Duesseldolf . Thanks god there is free internet connections here or else.... I've learn alot about their laidback lifestyle and IMHO below are some what I have in mind now about Italians and European in general...

1) Italians are a bunch loving people..friendly..but just dirt lazy.... Most of them close business for up to 3 hours for lunch !!!!! So any one traveling there be prepared to search high and low for basics like water, ciggrattes etc..... U still can get them in tourist area though..but prepared to pay exhorbitant prices.

2) For budget travellers, bring along an empty bottles....and fill it up in tourist attractions .Its FOC and cold ( how come the water is cold in summer ??? Lets not forget that its from tap etc..) and its safe to drink.... proven by the fact that I am still alive and well and be able to blog bout that..

3) Bring your own kettle !!!!! Hotels here dont provide kettles..and waters. For travellers at least you still can boill some water when needed.

4) Free Internet connection is almost unheards of here in Italy. Only the hotel in Milan provided this. Europeans are throat cutters and every euro's count !!! Imagine us paying 18 Euros/hr for internet here in Germany !!!!!!!!!

5) Eat full or have something handy . eateries closes around mamak , no 7-11 here..dont think of grabbing a quick bite at 12am.........

6) 7-11.... if you happen to see this..its a potential to open one'll dominate the 24hrs convenient store market..there virtualy none that operates here at night

7) if u are travelling to Europe...better switch off or put your hp in silent mode..its very annoying to have someone calling u at 4am , while we were sleeping !!! And when you dont answer they just call and call and call... cant this guys differentiate whether you are in Malaysia or not from da ring tone ??

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