Sunday, 22 June 2008

Wantan Mee at Restoran Mee Wah,Bidor,Perak

Each time when I pass thru Bidor on my way up north, this is a must stop for me. No not at Pun Chun where everyone is flocking to for their wantan mee, duck thigh soup etc..I would prefer to head to this local eatery for some homemade wantan noodles,which in my opinion beats Pun Chun's wantan mee flat down , which was once claimed as the best you can find in this state. Maybe after years of popularity took its toll on its quality which has since detoriated so much lately.

This eatery is much lesser known than the infamous big brother of Bidor, Pun Chun, which puts Bidor into the maps of food connesiours around the country. But this place is a well kept secret of the local community here.

The wantan noodles are all homemade thus it retains the springy texture in every bites..which machined made noodles cant deliver . And the wantans are made fresh and each bites never fails to delivers satisfaction, thanks to the amount of fresh prawns versus pork in each wantans. They made their wantans just as the Hongkies made it, more prawns than pork in their wantans, unlike our local versions where its the opposite.

Try for your self....and you'll never regret !!

Directions : From PLUS highway exit thru Bidor. After paying the toll you would come to a T junction . Take a right turn. Go straight till you reach another traffic light with a KFC restaurant on your left( one and only you cant miss that !! ). The restaurants is just located opposite KFC, right beside the traffic light on the right.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Dunno how far its true..lets wait and see

Received this in my mail today..duno how far its true...Just wait and see lol

If it really happens.....remember where you read this !!

Mr. Juseleeno, born in 1960(reportedly still alive in 2008), is a Brazilian who has made many predictions, and MOST have come to pass, including Princess Diana's death by car accident (which is instigated by someone near her and will probably unfortunately be written off as a car accident), 911 and the 2004 Indonesian tsunami. He sees the future in his dreams, and has an average of 3 to 9 such predictions per day. When he wakes up, he will write them down, and send warnings to those concerned. If it concerns only a normal individual, he will write a letter to warn him/her. If it is a famous person(celebrity, politician etc.), or matters concerning the public, he will not only send it to the individual himself/herself, but also related agencies, government, and media. He urged the media to publicise these predictions, but the reply always went along the lines of rejection for fear of arousing public panic.

Future predictions:
2008, July: There will be an earthquake in Japan, which will cause a tsunami of 30 plus metres high to occur as well.
2008, 18th September: An earthquake with magnitude of approximately 9.1 will rock China , simultaneously causing a tsunami of more than 30 metres to occur, resulting in the deaths of more than 1 million people. Although this huge earthquake will happen after the Olympics have ended, there will be a series of relatively smaller earthquakes occurring in China before the huge earthquake. The China government, which is more concerned with the success of the Olympics, will most likely neglect to employ appropriate cautionary measures, thus the high casualty rate. If the China government does not publicise the occurrence of these minor earthquakes and evacuate people, the number of deaths will be as predicted.
2008, 17th December: terrorist attack in America
2010: The temperatures in some countries of Africa could be as high as 58 degrees Celsius, and there will be a serious shortage of water.
2010, 15th June: The New York Stock Exchange market will fail, causing an international financial crisis.
2011: The research on the treatment of some cancers will be completed, but a new life-threatening virus will appear. People who are infected will die after only approx. 4 hours of coming into contact with the virus.
2013, 1st – 25th November: Research on treatment of cancers, except for brain tumors, will be completed. An earthquake, caused by volcanic eruptions, will happen on Bahama Island of the Canary Islands. A gigantic tsunami of roughly 150 metres will result. America mainlands, Brazil etc. will be affected, with the tsunami pushing into the land as far as 15 to 20 kilometres. Before the occurrence of this gigantic tsunami, the sea/ocean water levels will sink by about 6 metres, and large flocks of birds will start to migrate.
2014: A small planet that has been gradually closing in on Earth might eventually collide with Earth, and this collision, if come to pass, will affect the survival of humans as a whole.
2015: By the mid of November, the average temperature of Earth could be as high as 59 degrees Celsius. Many people will die from the overheat, and international confusion and terror ensues.
2016, April: A huge typhoon will invade China, causing massive damage. The 43rd USA president, George Walker Bush, will enter the hospital, and faces a life or death situation.
2026, July: A super earthquake will occur in Sans Francisco, and it will be named "The Big One". Huge damage to surrounding areas. Many volcanoes will re-activate, and the height of resulting tsunami will be more than 150 metres.
Mr. Juseleeno made known his predictions in hopes that people will take heed of his warnings, so that these disasters may be avoided. He hopes there will be a major change in the thinking of people's mindsets in the time period 2007 – 2008. One factor will be the environmental issue of global warming, which is more serious than what some meteorologists assume.


Mr. Juseleeno是巴西的一名預言家,他出生於1960,今年47嵗。曾預言過許許多多的世界性的災害與事件,包括:九一一事件、伊拉克戰敗後海珊總統被捕被判刑、印尼囌門答臘海上大地震與印度洋海嘯、羅馬教王保羅二世辭世等等。 1997430Juseleeno寄給梅加瓦蒂總統一封信,預言20041226日早晨7點南亞洲將會被8.9級之超大地震侵襲同時也會引發10米高的海嘯。Juseleeno收到從梅加瓦蒂總統府寄來的感謝信函:……有很多事情我們不得不去做,但是我們又無能爲力。」 對於尚未發生的事件,Juseleeno也有很多預測,看起來觸目驚心,而又迫在眉睫:
雖然中國是在奧林匹克運動會結束之後才會發生地震,9.1級的大地震之前會有頻繁的小地震發生,中國政府只顧面子以世界運動會之成功與否為最優先考量的話,而忽視了頻繁的前震,事前都沒有做任何對策的可能性很高。中國政府也許會根據情況而發佈報導管制將預兆的前震之發生對內於對外一切封閉。如此的做法絕對會如預言所述災害慘重。Mr. Time Trabeler John Taiter的遺言:"2004年在希臘雅典舉行的奧林匹克是最後的一次。"
2026:7月舊金山會發生超巨大地震被稱爲"The Big One"聖安德列斯大斷層會被破壞,加州會崩垮掉。很多火山口會重新開啓,海嘯的高度也會超過150米。

Friday, 13 June 2008

Bloggers are liars ?? Who are you then ??

Was flipping the newspapers recentlyand came across some certain Ministry's news that they has started a blog ... As I may recall...few ministries and even ministers themselves has started blogging recently !!

Click here to see a certain remark by a Minister stating that "ALL BLOGGERS ARE LIARS "..if we are liars...who are you then ?? If we are goblok ?? Who are you then ??

So who is the real liar and real goblok now ?? DOnt underestimate the power of blogs you big-goblok..see what it has brought to the nation you all lost your seats !!!!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

When love and hate collides...........

Was listening to this song over the radio while driving back from Butterworth just now...and of all a sudden the title catches my attention " When Love and hate collide ".

U know , when there is a time when there is love between 2 people ..... then things happen and things doesnt seems to be the same anymore ,no matter how hard you try to maintain the way it used to be ....and in the end turns into hate and anger ??

Have you experience this ?

BTW : Was surprised to met a friend who happens to read my blog that day. Damm it AVIS, I dont even know that you reads my blog too !! Anyway thanks AVIS..u make my day !!

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Duan Wu Jie( Rice Dumpling Festival) - A tribute to a special poet

Every fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar chinese calender marks as Duan Wu Jie to remember the death of a chinese patriot by the name of Qu Yuan . There were several versions of legends and stories that indicate Duan Wu has existed way before Qu Yuan's death, the tradition still carries on. Most importantly for me is that on this day , I am able to savour this once a year delicacy commonly as CHUNG !!!

Qu Yuan

Duan Wu Jie is a widely celebrated festival amongst the Chinese, to pay respect to the patriotic poet, Qu Yuan . The legend involves a really long and complicated throne-fighting war and political history. But to make a long story short: Qu Yuan was an important minister back in Chu Kingdom in ancient China. He had been known for his loyalty for the emperor of Chu, and loved his country greatly. However, His Majesty had not taken Qu Yuan's advice seriously, and he eventually got himself trapped and captured in a foreign land by his enemies, which then lead to his own death.

Sad and angry at the corrupted, dying Kingdom, Qu Yuan tied himself to a big rock and threw himself into the River of Puo Luo. The people then made rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves and threw them into the river. They believed this would stop the fish from eating Qu Yuan's body. Some would even row down stream in a boat, beating drums and shouting out loud in the hope to scare the fish away (it was believed that it is how the Dragon Boat event is related to the festival.

Another popular version is that, the festival pays respect to court official and poet Qu Yuan, who stood up to the corrupt Chu government in ancient China. Unfortunately the patriotic statesman was wrongfully accused of treason. Later upon hearing that the present government was defeated by the Qin Kingdom, Qu Yuan, in despair drowned himself in a river.

People who came to know of this selfless act made dumplings and threw it into the river to appease the poet’s spirit. And the practices still last till today, and we are bestowed with such a delicacy !!

Itis a traditional delicacy that has been around for centuries but over the years the art of making yuk-chung (Chinese meat dumping) is said to be dying. The art of making this dish is handed down from generations. Fewer people from the younger generation, including housewives are unfamiliar with the preparation of this delicious dumpling, preferring to buy them instead. And this includes yours faithfully's family !! We hasnt had this practice of making our own chung since my grandmother death 20 years ago.

The Chung making process

To make the yuk-chung, five basic ingredients namely stir-fried and seasoned mung beans, chestnut, salted egg yolk, dried mushroom and pork are used. This are then wrapped in special bamboo leaves, normally imported from China. But modern businessman nowadays has created variety of chungs from the humble plain 'kan sui ' commonly eaten with sugar or plain kaya to some ultra luxury which consist of luxury ingredients like dried scallops, dried oysters , abalone and even pate !!

For me..nothing beats a traditional Bak Chang ( Ham Yuk Chung ) filled with dried shrimps , mung beans , salted egg , dried black mushroom , water chessnuts and a piece of fatty pork belly , eaten steaming hot with a dash of Maggi Chilli Sauce !!

The binding process

The art of stuffing and binding the dumplings, is a meticulous process. The most important part in chung making is actually not the stuffing, but the binding part. Too loose the rice would fall out during boiling, too tight it would burst as the dumpling would expand during the boiling process !! The completed dumplings are then simmered for six to seven hours before it is hung to dry.

Click here for a complete step by step guide of Bak Chang making.

Warning : Do not overeat this delicacy . I once downed 3 helpings at one go,and ended up blurping and suffering from indigestion for the rest of the night . Best to go with some really hot chinese pu-ergh tea !!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Petrol rise again !!!!!!! Pump in water now ??

I believe all Malaysian knew that Mr Sleeping has just announced that the petrol price would increase tomorrow to RM2.70/litre wef 5th June 2008 !!! Just a few days ago..he just announced that the petrol price would increase in guess that he must has made the remark while sleeping !!!!

As an effect almost whole of Setapak suburb was jam just now... thanks to some smart aleks motorist who caused it by queing up to get petrol at the few gas stations leading into much can you save lar.... ???? Also u burn petrol while seating inside the car also mar.....right ?

I sometimes really dont understand Malaysia as a petroleum producing nation, we still need to import petrols from overseas ?? Also as Petronas is making so much money exporting petroleum to overseas.why cant they channel all their profits to subsidise the petrol..rather than chanelling to some pockets ???

Also the move to subsidize private car owners RM625 for each car below 2000cc wouldnt help much either. For the 78 sen increase...its just to offsets about 800 litres of petrol on price difference only. If to be divided into 12 month.......its barely enough to subsidize 2 tank full of petrol..on just price difference, in a month .

So its very clear now...BN = Bil naik, barang naik !! Bila naik ?? Baru Naik !! Berapa Naik ?? Banyak naik !!!!!! Gaji saja tak naik !!!!!

Click here for Asian petrol prices

Also that our PM keeping on stressing that our petrol prices is cheapest in da region ... Yes if you were to count in USD/litre... but dollar for dollar ?? For example your salary is RM3000, compares to someone in Singapore who gets SGD3000. He pays SGD 2.15 to 2.35/litre and yet we pays RM 2.70/litre. Then a bowl of wantan mee already cost RM4 in Kuala Lumpur, while in Singapore its SGD2.50 only. YOu get the picture ??? Our folks there can stretch their dollar more than we folks stretch our ringgit here !!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Women to carry condoms ??

"In view of the rising number of women contracting HIV, every woman should carry a condom with her for her own protection" , said Deputy Health Minister Datuk Dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad. Check out here

What on earth has our boleh land ministers has been thinking and has in their mind ? Dont they have better things in their mind , or they are just are plain sex discrimination againts women ? Also recent call from a certain Ministers that for women to enjoy themselves while during rape ??

So are we looking into the scene below in Malaysia in the future ??

Imagine this scene in a quiet lorong somewhere , a women was walking alone and being a serial rapist is following her closely behind..and when she reached a certain blind spot....deng deng...

RAPIST : Yeah, baby I am gonna enjoy you, right here right now.....
GIRL : o..please dont...please..i beg u......................
RAPIST : Hehe..i am going in RAW..............

at this moment..the women pulls out a condom from her bag........

GIRL : Please..dont go in RAW...please use a condom...

as she shoves the unused rubber to the would be rapist ..................


Merdeka !! Merdeka !!