Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Lunch at Lemon Garden, Shangrilla KL

After hearing so much about their buffet lunch, I finally had a chance to drop by here for lunch last week. It has a good selection of cold starters like oysters, prawns, mussels and sashimi . But I found the sashimi a tad too thick on the cut, as I prefer it thinner.

What I like is the way they present the food, its a break from the norm. You should go there and experience yourself. Also the management should be given a apraise for making it out vey has a chinese, malay and western selection , each tucked away in its own corner....good for lazy man like me...

Interesting way of presenting food....

East meet West...noodle war !!!!! Oriental noodles stall also freshly cooked pasta's

Chocolate Pizza anyone ??? Kinda weird............deserts serve in spoons...very convenient !!!

Chocolate fountain !!!!!!! with marshmellow, grapes, strawberries and even kuih bahulu look alike !!


Saturday, 28 July 2007

27 July should be watching MU KL today

All MU fans should be cursing today. KNNCCB, Fxxx , puXimak FAM, AFC. Why ??? Because today MU is actually scheduled to play here in KL today. Instead of playing in Malaysia , because of AFC (Asia Fuckers Confederation ) intervention we are deprived of watching MU in action here in KL. Instead they are in playing in China today againts Guangzhou.

Anyhow had an enjoyable time drinking with buddies in Sanctuary, The Curve and has a great time drinking and watching preety gals around. Had a good time with Mikemmery , Rim , Kenji and few friends ....also Candic, a long lost friend of mine. Hi candice..good to c u again!!!!

anyway all we can do, is keep on drooling..................

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Namewee.....wat happen to him ??

His name is namewee . You can call him unpatriotic, sochai , nuisance or watsoever. But to me he is creative and brave, someone to voice out what is embedded inside his feeling on everyday life here. If you would have remember, that this young talented was the man behind the Muar song.

Heard news about him being caught or something like this, on charges being insulting our national anthem . Is it true ???

Look what I found as n follow up on this....

Monday, 23 July 2007

Saturday night movie- The Invinsible Target

I don't know what the world is crazy about Harry Porter at this moment. As my fren, she wanted to be part of the portermania so much...we went over to Cineleisure on Saturday night to catch Happy Porter..but dammed the tickets was sold out and the next available is 240am show !! No,I am not gonna stay till 240 just to watch it.... Then decided to watch DEAD SILENCE...hehe i think she's hoping to watch a horror movie so she can take my advantage ( Hey wake up Alan..stop dreaming !!!! )..hehe just joking

To her dismay we ended up watching The Invinsible Target...... an action packed HK movie starring Nicholas Tse ( I never really liked him anyway ),Shawn Yue, Jaycee Chan and fewmore.... Guys who liked action movies packed with kung fu fightings, blood and killings..this is da movie to go for...Would give Die Hard 4.o a eal run for their money

A better news is tat, I get to watch free by paying with my OCBC credit card !!!!!

Sypnopsis :-

An armoured truck is secretly transporting $100 million for a US bank when it is hijacked by a band of robbers calling themselves the "Ronin Gang". The gang blows up the truck and makes off with all the cash. The explosion killed many innocent people, among them a woman who is choosing a wedding ring, who turns out to be the fiancee of Chen Chun(Nicholas Tse) . Chen is determined to take revenge and bring down the gang.

Then this 3 young determined policeman,all with their own agenda decides to take themdown.... not knowing that one of their Top police officer assigned to this case, is the mastermind behind this........ well not let me bored you by telling you the whole story.....go and watch for your self....

Star Ratings:

Overall 3.5 stars
Cast 3 stars
Plot 3 stars
Effects 3 stars
Cinematography 3.5 stars


Classification 18SG
Running Time 2 hour 10 minutes
Director Benny Chan
Cast Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue, Jaycee Chan, Wu Jing, Andy On.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

I finally found...what I've been waiting for...

U either love it or hate it.... its banned in smells good ( but leaves an everlasting odour )..what it is ???? Nothing less than the king of fruits...DURIAN !!!

You either love it or hate it. No two ways about it. Whatever the consensus, one must admit there is nothing quite like the king of fruits. size, flavour or scent-wise.Durian is an accuired fine wine and cheese.... Durians to ang-mohs are like blue cheese to us Asians....the smellier the them it smells us smells like shits and vice versa.. Names like Mao San Wong, D2 , D96 ( my fav ) ,

Proceeded to favourite local durian stall in Setapak Jaya. As usual the crowd is building up in mid-July the best time for durian. Out trusted durian sifu who is also the boss Joe has selected few special durian kings for us to test, the much heard Mou San King ( Mao San Wong or Cat Mountain King )..dunno how the name came about..but who cares...the taste and quality is what matters. Better be good for RM18/kg.

Started off with Mao San KIng , which flesh is golden yellow..with the right amount of sweetness and slight bitterness all in one creamy seed. No wonder this is the new acclaimed King of the King, the most sought after in the market at this moment. Nxt came the grade SIntok and we ended up with Tawa. Dont let the name fools you..TAWA doesnt means tawar....its the bitter type. For bitter durian lovers TAWA is da grade to be.

Some hints and rules of eating durians :-
1) Always start from the less powering taste type. Start from sweet and gradually proceed to bitter ones. If not you wouldnt be able to enjoy the sweetness of the durians.

2) Traditionally they drink tap water from the durian pulp as it is believe that it helps to cool me a cool mineral water works just as well or chinese herbal tea 24 mei.....

The legendary Mou Sang King..yummy yummy

Left : Cintok, medium bodied Right : TAWA, a bitter variety

The price here might be a bit pricey, but what I like is the way the boss Joe, do business. His cincai style and honest and jamin makan is his main selling point. When he opens a durian for you, even u reject it after few seeds, he would immediately replace for question asked.

Directions : Along Jalan Rejang, Setapak Jaya. Beside the lake. If you are coming in from Setapak, follow the direction to Sri Rampai/ Setaapak Jaya. After Sri Utama International School keep going straight.Then you would see s row of stall selling fruits on our right facing some flats. The durian stall is located on the corner, facing the lake.

Germany Trip....last episode Dusseldorf

After Koln, proceed to my last stop in Dusseldorf. Was here to visit another steel mill in Witten, located about 60km away from Dusseldorf . We were outplayed by the weather this time. As my family also came to Dusseldorf in early June, the weather was about 35c..and I expected hotter weather into the summer, and we came unprepared. Luckily I still has a suit and a windbreaker, but I really pity my travel partner who came in summer clothings ! We really never expected the weather to dop to 10c !!!! Even my German supplier was caught by surprise over this sudden change.

What would be a trip to Germany would be without sampling their local beers and the infamous German Pork Knuckle. To me the pork knuckle is what satay is to Malaysia. A trip wouldn't be complete without one, and foreigners always know this famous food, and thought we eat satay regularly ( in fact we dont ). I always have a perception that Germans always eats pork knuckle ...but as a matter of fact they dont. My supplier in Germany last had one 3 years ago. Y ??? I bound to find out later. Pork knuckle( die Schinken ) is either eaten grilled or boiled, served with sauerkraut ( pickled sour cabbage ) and mustard.

Left : Strolling along Altftadt- Old Town Right : Statue of the founder of Dusseldorf

Strolling along Rhine river

Uerige can only find it here.

This pub has its own micro brewery inside !!!!!

Do what the romans do, eat what the Germans eat !!! This is what I get when I ask for a typical German lunch, a huge serving of pork chop m summer vegetables in this local restaurant.

My prok knuckle experience....

This is where I had my german pork knuckle , and Napoleon Bonarparte ate here before !!!

Napoleons Corner...And he sat here...

My hearty pork knuckle..delicious..had a tough time eating it...and I'll never touch another pork knuckle in 5 years..scroll down to find out why...

Half way thru....and I am starting to feel full

3/4...almost there.....full oledi

At last..battle won in 30 minutes and after 2 beers......BLURPPPPPP.................... I wouldn't take pork knuckle for the next 5 years !!!!!!

Another great beer to go with the pork knuckle

A Malteser, great after meal drink ( 40% proof ) really helps digestion

Left : The Mayors office Right : After dinner stroll in oldtown.

"Why pay RM330k for a Merc E Class ...while its only used as a taxi here !!!! " thats is the question I'll asked my dad . Told u to get a BMW 5 series least its not a taxi.

" The KÖ " -Most exclusive shopping boulevard

Most notably on gliterring Königsallee , with all its cosmopolitan elegance and flair. One of Europe's most delightful boulevards, its a unique mile of style that never fails to enchant, what fails here is only your credit card limit , aiseh !!! Literally flowing with European luxury wares , past the show windows opulently stocks with the latest offerings from Louis Vuitton , TODS ,Prada , Gucci , Max Mara , Burberry ...and all the luxury you can think off....

Seven @ Saturn....... Results of Konigsallee.....

Germany is a place where you can find beer which is cheaper than water..and great cars ....latest Audi R8

Aerial view of Dusseldorf from TV tower, 180metres above sea level.

A rainbow to say farewell to me.......biggest laptop ??? in Frankfurt Am airport

End of a dream journey...the start of a nightmare.......


Merdeka !! Merdeka !!