Sunday, 15 July 2007

Bloggers Meeting @ Friendster

Guess that this is the hottest subject for fellow bloggers this few days, especially for the ones who were at Friendster yesterday. Thanks those guys and Hypertune ( Thanks Murali and Kumeran ) ..and also nor forgetting my buddy and blog mate Mike from for inviting me to this meet. Its nice to meet some cool fellow bloggers namely Jenny , Sky Keep You and loads and loads of preety chicks and handsome blokes ..

They even have a session of Nintendo Wii between fellow bloggers and the best one was when Josh picks Jennisurf for a game of tennis ( Hey Josh, I heard u calling uot to Elaine to pick Jenny huh !!!)

Left : The joker Kumeran from Hypertune Right :No wonder all da foods gone missing landed here on Hypertune's table !!!!!

Left : Josh waiting for his next opponent Right : Side view of Mikemmery.......

Guess whose angry face is this ( oppss Kumeran, I dont mean to put yr face here !!) Oppsss identity revealed Right :Yeah I KO you.......

THE SIGN SAYS IT ALL !!!! advertisers + bloggers = money + happy ............ YEAH YEAH !!

Picture grabbed from reverend Timothy


Ringo said...

You have been cheesed! Muahaha

Reference: i memed you

Kenny Ng said...

Hey Alan, nice meeting you on that night. Another real MU fans!

tanalan2 said...

Long live MU !!!!!!

NickTay said...

Was nice meeting u :)


Merdeka !! Merdeka !!