Thursday, 19 July 2007

Malaysia Boleh !!!! Malaysia ( tak ) boleh !!!!!

Left : Shame!! Shame !! Headlines on our football team..compares to RIGHT : Our junior badminton tea,


Was kinda sad and humorous seing the newspaper this few days reporting on the current state of our beloved(not) national football team. With headlines like " Its only a misery for host ", " Malaysia hit the skids " , " Shameful " etc.... we cant blame anbody , but ourselves.

We'he heard " from rags to riches "..but I've found a new word for our dismay national football team ... " From fame to lame ". I myself played football when I was young, and ofcourse I supported our national team at that time. If you fellow fans, have remembered we were at least the SEA Games football champion back in 1989, when KL hosted it, also on 1991 when Malaysia gave England a good fight , even we lost 4-2 , wth the Sabah lass, Matlan Marjan scoring 2 goals pass Chris Woods then..I could clearly remember the roar in Stadium Merdeka then.....but things went downhill when we lost to then-whipping boys Philipines 1-0 at the 1991 games.

At least our FAM VP, Tengku Abdullah Sultan Abdullah , did the honorary by resigned from his post and accepted his failure .should the council folow the same ??? I think its about time that our FAM be run by professional coached by a real professional coach , unlike now getting the Malaysia Cup champion coach as our national up to the "Jaguh Kampung" name ???

I really hope when our national team , would one day fwake up and climb back up the stairs in the latest FIFA rankings, from now 154 ( new record !! ) the days when we were one of the top teams in Asia, feared by even the Koreans and Japanese.....

At least we have our our national junior team winning the Rakan Muda Yonex Sunrise Asian Junior Championships, well at least we have something to be proud of. Hope that our football team would one day join the league of some of our national sportsman/women and teams like our Badminton, hockey and bowling well as people like Nicol David and Shanlin etc..whom qualifies to use the name " Malaysia Boleh''......

In the mean time..dont feel proud wearing the yellow black jersey with our FAM logo bearing the dont deserve to wear it...... I think wearing a logo with a sang kancil or a tikus would be better for the time being.........

A new FAM logo. Curi from Kenny Ng

Left : A hero...and right a zero

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