Saturday, 28 July 2007

27 July should be watching MU KL today

All MU fans should be cursing today. KNNCCB, Fxxx , puXimak FAM, AFC. Why ??? Because today MU is actually scheduled to play here in KL today. Instead of playing in Malaysia , because of AFC (Asia Fuckers Confederation ) intervention we are deprived of watching MU in action here in KL. Instead they are in playing in China today againts Guangzhou.

Anyhow had an enjoyable time drinking with buddies in Sanctuary, The Curve and has a great time drinking and watching preety gals around. Had a good time with Mikemmery , Rim , Kenji and few friends ....also Candic, a long lost friend of mine. Hi candice..good to c u again!!!!

anyway all we can do, is keep on drooling..................

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