Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Italy trip part 4 : Treviso/Venice

Perhaps no other city in the world has inspired the superlatives headed upon Venice ( Venezia ) by travelers. Forget that Venice is no longer a great maritime republic but rather a city besieged by rising tides and decay. So remember to step your foot into Venice before its too late. The secret to discovering the romance and beauty is to walk. You can become lost the the narrow,winding streets pointing towards San Marco..but what a great way to discover the real Venice.

Arrived by train from Milan ( by first class !!!! ) and strolled along the grand canal heading, soaking in the atmosphere towards 'Hotel Continental', while my partner was thinking"Hey , we only paid RM400/night to stay in a hotel on such a beautiful street ??". 'Checked ' into Hotel Continental Venice and only be told that our hotel is ' Hotel Continental TREVISO, about 30minutes by train away !!!!! Sigh....... but anyway Treviso is really a nice little located about 30km away from Venice main train station , touted by the locals as little Venice. Treviso is also the home of Benetton fashion dynasty....and also the place where Tiramisu originated !!!


LEFT : Piazza del Indipenza ( note the Benetton HQ ? ) RIGHT : Beautiful rivers across Venice

LEFT : Hams galore!!!! authentic Italian hams and smoke meats RIGHT : Beautiful bridge at night

ALLA COLONNA RISTIORANTE.... great food and environment .

Water liew liew leh ??? Left seafood antipasto and Fillet of Steak wt Grana Padano cheese

Left : My italian beauty preparing my Tiramisu ( freshly made ).......yummy yummy


LEFT : Grand canal RIGHT : Rialto bridge , built 1591

Left : Taken on Rialto bridge RIGHT : Gondola anyone ?? € 120/per ride !!!!

Left : San Marco's square RIGHT : Pigeons everywhere !!!

Almost postcard perfect pictures..taken with a Canon 3.1 MP...wonder what a 10Mp can do ...


lasilasi said...

such beautiful scenery! never thought gondola ride could be that pricey! really enjoy your travel entries man

Anonymous said...

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gherlashdawn said...

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Hotel a Treviso said...

Grazie per il materiale fotografico inviato. Tra l'altro abbiamo gusti simili negli alimenti.

hotel Treviso said...

It looks like you had a really exciting Venetian experience.


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