Saturday, 7 July 2007

Italy Part 3 : Milan, the city of fashion ( 26/27 June)

Milan ( Milano ) is synonymous with style. This frentic metropolis city of 1.3 million souls is Italy's economic engine room , the powerhouse of world design and Paris arch rival on the cat walk. Milan is strictly for city lovers, its a huge noisy , traffic stridden ,harried and stressful. For its size , it doesnt have many big sights, except the Duomo and the the Last Supper by Da Vinci ( one word of advice, book early if you dont want to be turned away from the door , like I did, travelled miles a far to view but was turned away only feets away).However shopping is one thing to do here..LV , Gucci , Pucci , Fendi , Ferragamo , Hermes, Chanel, CD ..and wat d mat d...u name it, it has it......

Left : Announcing of the arrival to Milan Centralle Station !!!! Right : The Milano Centrale Station

Left : Leornardo Da Vinci statue Right : Windsor Hotel , great place to stay. Very convenient

Left : The mecca of fashion , Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle Right : The beautiful interior

Above : You name it, it has it all..... only scared u no $$$$ only..................

Left : Me @ Duomo Right : Piazza della Scala, another statue of Milan favourite son , Leonardo Da Vinci

Above : The Duomo at sunset........... too bad its under renovation till 2009 !!!

Above ; Great place to enjoy a cuppa of cappucinno and watch the world pass by here in Via Dante

Left : Traveled thousand of miles to get thru this door, but was turned away :( sob sob... The entrace to Cenacolo Vinciano , to see THE LAST SUPPER... Right : A photo of the great work , to console the unlucky ones like me..


Michael Song said...

u never go the museum ar?

tanalan2 said...

Hey bro..what museum ??? I think yu are referring to the Lourve in Paris !! We go next time ok ?

lasilasi said...

so u cant go in duomo? aiks....

i've always thought duomo is the most exciting church i should go (non-christian here) until i see the dome in cologne - the goth feel captured me! hope i could visit there in my trip to hannover... the fast train to cologne from hannover only takes 2-3 hours aye?


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