Monday, 16 July 2007

Now everybody can fly..... ???


Seems like that Air Asia doesnt live up to their motto " now everybody can fly ' anymore. I was both sad and angry when I read the article (click here) on Page 14, Nation , The Star,Monday 16 July 2007 article. Despite our government effort to help the needy and the less fortunate, why cant just Air Asia follow ? Rather than to take passengers who were completely immobile , why cant they just carry them up ? Other than just focusing on making $$ ( they charge RM12 for renting out a wheel chair , which passengers could use to go fromthe ticketing counter to the departure hall) Why cant they show some caring attitude to the handicapped , and I was just wondering , who ever make this decision , did they ever put themself into their shoes ?? Talking about social responsibility here ????

We the able bodies , should stand up for our wheel chair bound friends of the Barrier Free Environment and Accesible Transport Group ( BEAT ) . To get a better understanding on BEAT click here .

DISCLAIMER : The above post is made purely as an expression of my own feelings and thoughts and doesn't represent anything. The facts and figure above are however is best to my knowledge from newspaper reading ( see link above )

UPDATES : Read today newspaper.... now the disabled can fly after all. Air Asia has finally seen the need for disabled flyers and has takes steps to address this matter by investing RM6 million to install ambulift and provide wheelchair . Syabas Datuk Tony. Good job !! Syabas also to BEAT for winning another war.... one down more to go !!!!

updated on Sunday 5th August 2007.

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