Saturday, 28 February 2009


Was reading a buddy's blog few days ago and it reminded me of this unfateful day 14months ago , 29 Dec 07 to be exact. Yeah I want you to know brother I am facing the same problem as you do and we are on the same boat.Was ok until i read this................

" My mood fluctuated. A moment I can be as chirpy as a bird but I can be also really down on another. The moment "she" conquered my mind, I felt that way. It happened just like that. I seem to be in auto-cruise in my own world.

It had been 2 years, 2 months & 17 days. I felt lousy, I felt weak, I felt defeated. Many of times, best buddies around me who see me this way, I made them felt lousy and many of times they try to wake me up by putting knife after knife into my mentality but thus far, no one had really manage to mend the wound I am nursing. Guys, sorry I disappointed you but you are not me, you would not understand the feeling, really. I do appreciate your advices but my ears only chose what I want to hear and eliminate those I do not want to.

(Taking a deep sigh) I felt that I am being haunted, I saw someone that actually look like her, again like I said I am in my own world. Who understands this nonsensical feeling that I am enduring now? Who had been through this? Yes, again & again I hear words like, "Dude, it's not the end of the world!" Yeah, I do know that! That's why I have not even ended my own life foolishly after so long. But it is just that feeling that is haunting me. The wrongdoing of mine, the regrets & the pain. I apologize my dear, really I do.

What happened to him is just the carbon copy of me. The only difference is that its been 14 month........... Yes you are right by asking me to forget her, I tried but at times its just uncontrolable. Youve been thru the same and you should understand . Not that I've not tried to start a new relationship , but the past really haunts me . Would I end up being the same again etc ??????

Just a simple song that of what happened then ..........

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Ikan Bakar Garam Seri Kembangan

A visit here would change your mind about the humble Tilapia fish or better known as Fei Chau Yu ( literally mean African fish in Cantonese ) . As normally Tilapia fish has a rather muddy taste , much rumoured about their diet, it's usually cooked steamed in beau sauce or as Tomyam steam to mask off its taste. No one in its clear mind would grill or steam this fish, until you visit here....................

Meet Seri Kembangan's much raved and talked about Salt roasted fish, with fancy suggestive names like 雪山飞狐 ( Snow mountain flying fox ) . Its surprisingly addictive , minus the muddy smell its normally associated with. The secret is that the fish is usually reared in a seperate tank with running water and starved for a few days in order for the fish to 'cleanse ' itself internally .

Doesn' t looks inviting right ????? The salt is rubbed on the outer side and grilled over charcoal fire. The skin is later cut open to reveal a fresh n yummy flesh inside. The skin is not meant to be eaten !!!!!

Each fish is rubbed with salt and grilled over hot charcoal for 20 minutes

Warning : This sauce is seriously addicitve. Bits of mashed chilli padi in a sweet soya sauce. Just the the one you get fro the foos stalls. Just better. The fish isnt that tasty without this.

Fried salted fish. Great with the chilli sauce dip !!!!!

'Steam with chicken essense " . Its wrapped over aluminium foil and put over the charcoal fire and the heat steams it . Very tasty sauce and goes well with rice .

Expects to wait a minimum of 20 minutes for the grilled fish. We place an order by phone before coming :)- Expects to pay RM15-20/fish depending on the size. for our family of 8, we paid RM135 for 6 fish (!!) , 1 vegetable and 1 egg dish plus rice and tea.

So good its even reviewed in 8 Tv's food guide Ho Chiak ! Click here to view .

Other reviews : Vkeong , Food POI ,

Ikan Bakar Garam
249-B , Jalan 2 , Kawasan 6 , Seri Kembangan, Selangor
Tel : 016-2888089 , 016 - 2340847

Friday, 20 February 2009

Guinness St Patrick's day !!!!! Its coming to town !!!

Keep yourself free this 13th March 2009 , Friday and head down to One Utama for Malaysi'a biggest St Patrick's bash ever ! Come for an action packed evening with Australian Rock band Skybombers, the flying dutchmen of Corpus Acrobatic and many more. And to top it off, enjoy great selection of international cuisine , paired with smooth Guinness Draught . Starts at 6pm and ends when you are drunk !!!!!!!!

For Penang folks , its coming your way on the 14th March at Juru Auto City.

Log on to for more details !!!!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Missed flight ????

HAve you missed your flight before ???? I nearly did when I arrived KLIA 1 1/2 hour before my flight departure to Shanghai 2 years ago. The flight was full and my seat was given to another passenger on waiting list , and being a frequent traveller with our MH programme , lucky me was upgraded to a business class :)

AN unidentified woman was travelling on a Cathay Pacific fligth from HK to San Francisco on Feb 4 , but as she was late the aircraft door was closed . As a result she put up quite a show , which was recorded and loaded onto Youtube and racked in 40,000 hits in 3 days.

So what would you do if you missed your flight ????

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Daidomon - Japanese Yakiniku

I've been craving for authentic Japanese yakiniku , just like the way I have it in Japan. Been searching around but none came close and all I get is just some ciplak cheap imitations or some real good ones around which bombs a big hole in my wallet. And Daidomon was like a god sent saviour for my yakiniku cravings without burning a hole .

Since its opening in late 2008 in Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang. I've made few visits to satisfy my cravings and always looking foward for the next. The quality meats on offer always to be the winning side , in my quest for a healthier living and thinking of my diet mission.Always saying to myself ... " EAT FIRST DIET LATER " But arent Japanese cuisine are always a healthier alternative ???????? Grill meat minus the oils ??? Yes its healthy !!!

You can order fresh sashimi from the menu too when you order their Yakiniku buffet. Just simply loves the thick cuts of salmons, maguro and butterfish. Also available are Tai's and tako .

Freshly made nigiri sushi's are also on the offer for those who cant make it without rice. Also varieties of side dishes on offer too. I normally skip this ones to save my tummy space for these......

Huge fresh scallops and sea prawns.

..... and oysters which you simmer in butter.

Gyutan ( toungue ). This plate easily cost RM20 in other Japanese restaurants.I get to do it bottomless here.

Honetsuki Karubi, belly tender with ribs .

Each table is fitted with a charcoaled fired pit. Its frequently changed to ensure hygenines. It uses a special type pr charcoal which maintains its heat even after long hour of burning and it wont breakdown to ashes. An powerful exhaust fan is also inside the pit table to ensure that the smoke and smell are well taken care of and wont leave you greasy like conventional BBQ does.

Can you resist it ????

Sakes lines the wall as a decoration

For RM68++ per pax , the yakiniku buffet on offer is really a steal . For the amount you get really good cuts of meat , plus bottomless sashimi's , soups , tempura's, sushi's and many other choices, making it a complete Japanese cuisine experience by itself. It also serves shabu-shabu , but it is understood that the choices isn't as much as the yakiniku's offer. They also serve wagyu beef here , but hehe its a side order and not included in the buffet menu.

And yes..its ditanggung halal too .

Contact :-

Lot 4, Level 3, Great Eastern Mall
303 , Jalan Ampang, 50450, Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-4252 8155

GRPS : 3.09'37.30" N 101.44'12.91" E

No. 303, Jalan Ampang

50450 Kuala Lumpur


Tel: 03-42528155

Fax: 03-42528166

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Time for giving and sharing...

CNY is a time for giving and sharing. Charities work and visit surges during this time. Nevertheless we took the opportunity to visit Ti-Ratana Welfare Society in Desa Petaling on the 7th day of CNY lately. Thanks to my generous friend Cat , for organizing this trip.

There are many less fortunate people around us everyday. Often, a lot of us turn a blind eye to their existence because it made our lives easier not to care, for some it’s just plain ignorance.

Despite many out there who is already helping and care enough to understand and offer help to these people, help… is never enough.

On my previous visit to the orphanage, I have grown a liking to most of the kids there. They warmed my heart like no other but at the same times, it breaks my heart too.

Ti-Ratana houses about 200 childrens and close to about 100 old folks .

Frankly this isnt the first time I've visited Ti-Ratana , but this trip really leaves a deep impression on me . Previously under the banner of Lion Club of Damansara , my dad has organized several celebrations there on a bigger scale, but not much is mingling is done with the childrens. But this trip is less formal and we are much more freeier to move about at our own pace.

This little boy was recently abandoned by his parents and left at a babysitter who then sent him here. He was keeping himself away from others and was a little wary and skeptical about me at first. And finally when we left, he smiled at me and wave at me..that really left a deep impression on me . Just why their parents are doing this ???? Leaving their children ....

Volunteers are welcome to help out here. You can either contribute by baby sitting , giving tuition or just helping out here with their everyday chores. All you need is just to keep in touch with them and register yourself as a volunteer. Click here for further information in how you can be a volunteer.

Most of the people usually donated essentials items like rice being the most common thing. However most of this charity organisation has overstocks of rice. We may also donate other items like snacks , chocolates , stationaries and other essentials. Ti-Ratana also came out with a wish list where we can choose to donate items which they may need.

Give this little angels a new lease of life . Give them care , love and lend them support and light their heart .

Contact :
Lot 16106, Jalan 13 B,
Salak South Bahru (Desa Petaling),
Kuala Lumpur

E-mail: e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Telephone: +603-7988 1818
Fax: +603-7988 1888

Pai Tin Kung , Hokkien thanksgiving day

Yesterday marks the 9th day of CNY in the lunar calender. Its also the time for Hokkien Chinese community , to celebrate the Jade Emperors birthday or Tin Kong Seh . Common believe also that the Hokkiens in Fujian province survived a prosecution from the Sung Dynanty soldiers by hiding in the sugar cane plantation on Chinese New Year for nine days, and they came out unharmed on Jade Emperors birthday and they believed that its been protected by the Jade Emperor. That also explains why sugarcane is a must in this ceremony.

More than 20 food offerings are offered to appease to Jade Emperor , also knows as Tian Kung. This includes 5 types of fruits , 6 types of vegetarian items and 3 meat dishes comprising chicken , fish and pork. Sweets cakes like ang ku , fatt koh are also being offered together with pineapples and sugarcanes as well as 3cups of chinese tea and 5 cups of rice wine.

Kam Chu ( or golden pig/ roast pork ) are offered depending on budget. Some offer cuts of a roast pork while some offered the whole pig.

Hard boiled red eggs and mee suah and noodles are must have items , as this dishes are traditionally served during birthday.These offerings are then arranged in a certain order in red tables facing the main gate. Normally ritual would start after midnight.

Joss papers included kim jua ( gold paper ) , paper houses featuring designs like dragons, the 8 immortals or pheonix are then burned as an offering to give thanks and seek his blessings in return.


Merdeka !! Merdeka !!