Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Time for giving and sharing...

CNY is a time for giving and sharing. Charities work and visit surges during this time. Nevertheless we took the opportunity to visit Ti-Ratana Welfare Society in Desa Petaling on the 7th day of CNY lately. Thanks to my generous friend Cat , for organizing this trip.

There are many less fortunate people around us everyday. Often, a lot of us turn a blind eye to their existence because it made our lives easier not to care, for some it’s just plain ignorance.

Despite many out there who is already helping and care enough to understand and offer help to these people, help… is never enough.

On my previous visit to the orphanage, I have grown a liking to most of the kids there. They warmed my heart like no other but at the same times, it breaks my heart too.

Ti-Ratana houses about 200 childrens and close to about 100 old folks .

Frankly this isnt the first time I've visited Ti-Ratana , but this trip really leaves a deep impression on me . Previously under the banner of Lion Club of Damansara , my dad has organized several celebrations there on a bigger scale, but not much is mingling is done with the childrens. But this trip is less formal and we are much more freeier to move about at our own pace.

This little boy was recently abandoned by his parents and left at a babysitter who then sent him here. He was keeping himself away from others and was a little wary and skeptical about me at first. And finally when we left, he smiled at me and wave at me..that really left a deep impression on me . Just why their parents are doing this ???? Leaving their children ....

Volunteers are welcome to help out here. You can either contribute by baby sitting , giving tuition or just helping out here with their everyday chores. All you need is just to keep in touch with them and register yourself as a volunteer. Click here for further information in how you can be a volunteer.

Most of the people usually donated essentials items like rice being the most common thing. However most of this charity organisation has overstocks of rice. We may also donate other items like snacks , chocolates , stationaries and other essentials. Ti-Ratana also came out with a wish list where we can choose to donate items which they may need.

Give this little angels a new lease of life . Give them care , love and lend them support and light their heart .

Contact :
Lot 16106, Jalan 13 B,
Salak South Bahru (Desa Petaling),
Kuala Lumpur

E-mail: e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Telephone: +603-7988 1818
Fax: +603-7988 1888

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