Tuesday, 30 December 2008

IP MAN.......

The director of Dragon Tiger Gate makes his comeback with his usual star, Donnie Yen. As expected, the martial arts fighting scenes are amazing. This director is amazing, he knows how to direct realistic martial arts fighting features in Dragon Tiger Gate. This guy can create, I can say, some of best martial arts movies. With Samo Hung as martial can be sure !!

The story: It tells about Ip Man's life, the soon-to-be master of the famous Bruce Lee. I can't say much about the plot but the fighting and the music are great. The Japanese soon attacks China which affects Ip Man and his family.From a wealthy highly respected Kung fu master in FuShan to a general worker in coalmine. Soon, he goes for a fight, organised by the Japanese, which can earn him bags of rice. And subsequently he beaten up a colenel whom has has liking to his beautiful wife, and later he was wanted by the Japanese goverment. The Japanese General is impressed by his ability which leads to the final battle of all.

Overall: If you are a martial arts movie fan, this is definitely stunning and not to be missed. If you get entertained by any form of action and want to know the facts of Bruce Lee's master, this should also not be missed. Another good martial arts movie.

Hokkien Mee at Jalan Pudu

This charcoal fired Hokkien mee stall has been around for many years and has been my favourite haunt after clubbing during our younger days. At that time its crew was 2 elderly staff , whom is preety actsy. You sit down and wait for your turn to order...he would come to you snd take your order. He would tell you that waiting time is an hour..if cant wait nevermind. Coz its one of the best, if not the best Hokkien Mee stall in the whole of KL.

The Hokkien mee here really stands out from the others. Thick fat yellow noodles are coated with the luscious and flavourful thick soya sauce , brimming with slices of pork, livers, prawns and vegetables and topped with fried pork lards.Its great on its own,but there is also a small bowl of sambal belachan for whom like to spice things up. And yes, the chef only cooks certain portions at a time, to prepare to wait. Because all cooking are cooked using charcoal and not gas, as it somehow or rather taste a lot better . A hokkien mee aficionados would tell you this !!!

Other good eats are their loh meen , Bak Gau ( slices of pork coated with tapioca flour and vegetables soup) and their Dried fried Kuey Tiao. It takes lot of skill to fry this Kuey Tiao correct.Not too oily and not too dry.

But one word.....prepare to wait !!!

Directions : Its located few doorstep away from Fei Por Kai restaurant along Jalan Pudu. Its just opposite the famous Pudu Curry Fish Head / Farmland steamboat restaurant.

If turning in from Pydu Jail/Times square junction. Go further up and make a U-turn at the first traffic light. Its hard to turn here, so turn in at the Caltex instead. Then you would see MIDOR interior on your right. The stall is just beside here.

GPS : Lat 3.81614 N Long 101.42354o E

Monday, 29 December 2008

A year has passed.........

A year has passed since you left without a word, without a reason. With reason only known to yourself, you choose to end all this...leaving my heart bleeding till today.

Yes at times , I've been hating you and angry at you for all this. But most of the time, I've been missing you and longing for your return . When I asked you lately whether things can turn out better for both of us... you just said no for reasons only known to yourself.

Do you know how's the feeling inside ? The pain and agony inside it. Crying yourself to sleep ? Gazing at the stars above wondering what you are doing there, whether you are all right, have you eaten ? Wondering did your gastric comes back ?????

Friday, 26 December 2008

Guinness Christmas Experience at Ronnie Q

Part 2 of my Guinness Infused Festive menu brought me to Ronnie Q , Bangsar on this Christmas Day. Its Been around since the early 90's long during Bangsar's heyday as the to be seen place back then.

Being a typical Irish pub which pride itself as a Glenfiddich whiskey joint , Kilkenny and not forgetting Guinness. Naturally its got to be a part of the Guinness Festive promotion .

At RM23 nett it's a steal. For who doesnt know , it comes with free 1/2 pint of the black gold. Plus you'll get another coupon which entitles you to a RM12 off every 3 pints of Guinness ordered. Remember, promotion only valid till 31st December 2008 only.

Only Hainanese chop is available for this festive promotionand you get a choice of Chicken, pork or lamb is available. We opted for pork and chicken chop . The pork chop was kinda tasty but we found the chop a bit too salty, but luckily it was neutralized by the more subtle Guinness infused brown sauce. Luckily the chicken chop turned out better, as it was well marinated and juicy and less salty.....

Ronnie Q is at : 32, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru. 59100, KL Tel : 03-2282 0722
For those high tech ones with GPS nav : Lat 3.131721 , Long 101.671815

Directions : From Jalan Bangsar turns into Jalan Maarof. Go pass the mosque/Jalan Ara traffic light, take the first left turn ( Jalan Telawi 4 ) . Turn in and you would see a police beat base on your left and a convenience shop on your right. Turn right into the road leading uphill. Thats Telawi 2. And Ronnie Q is on your right just a stone throw away from Devi's corner.

Other landmark : Same row as La Bodega.

The GPS Coordinates was taken from KY Speaks. Thanks again KY !!!!

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Thursday, 25 December 2008

Shelley Leong , a Malaysian artiste who made it to the world.

Not much publicity has been made on this Malaysian bred artiste, Shelley Leong , who made it big in the US of A and has done openings for Foo Fighters , and played infront of Clinton and maybe Osama soon. Check out her powerful, voice here.

Click here for a Christmas article in The Star. Also here for more info's about her band Bogofusion .

Click below also for her rendition of the evergreen hit by Chuck Mangione , Feels So Good.

And by the way, she's is my friends sister and we went to the same high school !!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Guinness Infused Christmas at Michelangelo,Solaris KL

SOHO at Solaris KL has been developing preety fast to be next to be seen place in KL, much merrier when I first step foot into this new place few months back . From a piece of swampy land ( many would have remember the short cut from Segambut heading out to Jalan Duta in the mid 90's filled with pot holes and overgrown lalangs ) to where it is today, mushrooming up with clubs and fine dining restaurants and not forgetting the mamak's.

Being a new hip area..canggih restaurants cant be left out right ? And Michelangelo is one of them.Its been around for a few month , yet this is the first time I step my foot into this Italian eatery for the Guinness Festive Promotion where every dishes ordered from this special Guinness infused menu comes with a pint of this good black gold stuff :)-

Thanks to Jane for bringing up the idea in Facebooks Guinness Draught fans page we made or way there before it end on 31 December 2008.It was kinda last minute but we managed to get a few good company to join us that night. Thanks Jane , Michael , Simon , Ren and Lynndy for making it . And guess what , Lynddy and Mike were long lost college mate back in Melaka !!!

And we ordered every single item here !!!

Food was kinda good here, minus the slow service and unattentive staff. Imagine waiting for 1 1/2 hours to get our meal served was ridicolous !!!!

The mushroom and chicken soup was a let down. Campbell soup does better !!

A toast was made,can you guess whose hand are in there ????

Finally it came after 11/2 hrs of waiting. Stuffed quail with Foei Gras. Its a creation of Emmanuel Stroobant. If you dont know who he is ? Maybe "The Chef in Black" might ring a bell in you. Luckily it made the grade.

Lobster with Squid Ink pasta. The home made pasta was made al-dante and tossed in garlic and olive oil. Preety yummy here too.

Angelo's style braised chicken leg. I never liked chicken..but this tops my list. Tender and moist with a sweet Guinness infused sauce. And we tossed some of the remaining pasta onto the sauce for a yummy finish !!

Braised beef ribs. Pieces of ribs braised in Guinness infused sauce , so tender that the meats literally melts in your mouth. Jane's favourite for the night.

Guinness Stout marinated codfish. The fish was baked to perfection and was fresh and juicy. The highlight is the sauce which is slightly sweet similar to the Chicken Legs's sauce. I would rate this as the joint winner tonight.

And they even throw in free limited edition miniatures Guinness pint glasses.

Over all we all did enjoyed the dinner experience with Guinness , with the bill coming up to about RM350 inclusive of all the taxes and 2 soups we ordered. Not really expensive , taking into considerations the amount of effort putting into preparing every dishes individually upon order.

Merry Christmas !!!

Its Christmas Eve and people are thronging the streets of KL celebrating with love birds holding hands and strolling by. But its a lonely Christmas here for me....and I wish if you were here by myside, things would be very much different.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Living Food Lam Mee, Damansara Uptown

Living Food has been around here in Damansara Uptown since the early 90's. Being a part of the famed May King restaurant in Pudu , lam mee is naturally their signature dish. Lam Mee lovers in KL, would have know May King as the Mecca of Lam Mee, where the best lam mee can be found in the whole of KL, if not Malaysia.

The full bodied gravy sets the lam mee apart from others ciplak imitation. Bursting with flavour made out of chicken and prawn stock, the thick gravy coats every strands of noodle and garnished with some shreaded steamed chicken and shelled prawns. For added kick, throw in some of their hot and fiery chilli sauce.

Their meatballs are also well known. Its not your usual run of the mill type, as its fully homemade unique to May King's family. Its a combination of pork, fish and cuttlefish. It really has a chewy texture bursting with the saltiness of the dried cuttlefish..its really a match made in heaven.

For non Lum Mee lovers , their curry laksa is also worth trying. And dont forget the fried foochok and dumplings .

Directions :

Its located in Damansara Uptown. Same row as Izzi's restaurant.

Map taken from

From LDP towards Kepong area slow down after you see the Damansara Police Station. Take a left turn just before the BHP Petrol station on your left. Turn left again to get to the row of shops behind . Drive straight and Living Food would be on your left.

67 , Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama , PJ
Tel : 03-77274126

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At a crossroad, would you go back to your ex ?????

He /She's hurt you badly. You've had sleepless night thinking about her/him , you've been thinking what has you done wrong , why it all ended so suddenly , dreaming of getting together again. Youve cried yourself to sleep .

Missing him/her , soon turns into hate and anger. You've hated them for dumping you and angry at the damage they has done to your personal life , and the mess he/she has put you in. Also for the tears you shed and the pain in your heart that nobody seems to understand .

You've shun family outings , as seeing your sibling happily with their love ones laughing away with your family , reminds you of the happier times when you were together.

Then after a while the hate and anger is gone and at times turns into missing them badly and thinking of them during special days like your birthday , his/hers birthday . Also feeling sad and bad that you never receive anything them on your birthday. Its not the gift that you is after, but a simple SMS greeting for you would be sufficient . Its the thought that counts.

Then after a while you met him/her back and suddenly realized that how much you've miss them all this while. Thoughts and memories of the happier times kept coming back in your mind, even when you are talking and chit chatting with him/her.

What does that means ???? Are we still missing them ?????? Thoughts of getting back together cant escape playing back in your mind. Don't tell me now. I am sure everyone of us would feel the same . No matter how strong a man may be, he would still be a victim of a simple thing call L-O-V-E.

But further thought of how thing turned out before seems to deter things to further happen. Comments from friends how unsuitable them are for you is is left unhindered. You are afraid that history would replay itself again. But in your heart you still miss them..this is for sure.

The final question that keep playing in your mind is that , would you try to go back to your ex ???????

Sunday, 21 December 2008


Its the time of the year again. Dong Zhi ( 冬至 ) is the second most important festival of the Chinese calendar, after Chinese New Year.

Celebrated on the longest night of the year, Dong Zhi is the day when sunshine is weakest and daylight shortest. The coming of winter is celebrated by families and is traditionally the time when farmers and fishermen gather food in preparation for the coming cold season. It is also a time for family reunions.

This celebration can be traced to the Chinese belief in yin and yang, which represent balance and harmony in life. It is believed that the yin qualities of darkness and cold are at their most powerful at this time, but it is also the turning point, giving way to the light and warmth of yang. For this reason, the Dong Zhi Festival is a time for optimism.

One thing is that Dong Zhi is always celebrated approximately between 21-13 December every year.

I like mine serve chilled

One important things that is not to be missed is eating TONG YUEN, where various colours gloutinous rice balls are cooked in a syrup flavoured in ginger. Here is a step by step guide on how to make a good TONG YUEN. Eating Tang Yuen is important in the Chinese tradition as it also signifies that we are a year older after eating this. Also Tang Yuen sounds similarto " Tuen Yuen " which literally means family reunion in Mandarin. Thats why traditional chinese makes it a tradition to be back and have a reunion dinner together on this day.

On this day also we use to pray and offerings are made to our ancestors. We've cooked spring rool, Chicken soup with abalone and dried scallops , fried vegetabeles, fried prawns , fish and steamed chicken. And what I like best is the roast pork which is a must on a special occasion or during festivals.
I like mine served warm with chilli sauce dipping.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Sri Inai closes its door.......

Since opening its door in 1977, Sri Inai has been a household name as one of the first few prestigous private schools in Malaysia, where children on royalties , politicians, ministers and prominent business man studied and graduated thru its door , carrying with them knowledge we learn with them. I was one of them..

Many celebrities and famous people were product of this school. Linda Hashim , Shirley Leong , Yasmin Hani, Chico , Fera Annuar just to name a few. I even has the YDMM Sultan of Pahang's niece as my class mates before, so as Tun Hussein's Onn's grandson and Tun Awang's grandson.

Sadly the school closes its door for the last time today. Below is a news paper report which came out in The Star not too long ago..notifying of its dooms day.

KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 170 students from Sekolah Sri Inai here are in a lurch after the school gave notice of closure beginning Jan 1.

At least 12 teachers of the school located in Jalan Ulu Klang, Ampang, are also expected to be jobless.

It is learnt that school co-founder and executive chairman Datuk Alias Shamsuddin sent letters to parents two days ago informing them of the closure, citing poor student enrolment these past few years which had put the school in financial distress.

In the letter made available to The Star, Alias expressed regret, adding that the school administration would assist parents to enrol their children in other schools.

Many parents said the last-minute announcement was unfair. Several of them met with Alias at the school yesterday.

“Two of my sons will be sitting for the PMR and UPSR next year. The change in schools will affect them and may disrupt their studies,” vented Mohd Taufik Nordin, a 47-year-old businessman, in a phone interview.

An annoyed S.S. Maran, 38, said he was only given the letter after collecting his son’s report card.

“Even though the letter said the staff would help find replacement schools for the children, there is no assurance.

“Moreover, the transfer will take time and is subject to the Education Ministry’s approval,” he said.

A teacher, who declined to be named, expressed shock when she learnt of the school’s closure on Friday, saying she did not know where to find a job.

However, she was more concerned for the students because they might find it difficult adjusting in a new school.

Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said the school had given the parents a rude shock, adding that it was duty bound to help enrol the students in new schools.

He said he would channel the parents’ complaints to the Private Education Division to investigate the matter.

Sekolah Sri Inai Kuala Lumpur, established in 1977, consisted of Sri Inai Senior, Sri Inai Junior and Tadika Inai.

Its Penang and Klang branches were sold off in 1983 while the schools in Petaling Jaya were taken over by new management in 2006.

Gone were the days where we were proud to acclaimed that we were Inains. But frankly the standard drops since the late 1990's to where it is today. With the mushrooming of newer private schools in KL , experienced teachers and management staffs were pinched away , and replaced by newer one. And as a result ????????

From its hey day of over 800 students comprising of kindergarden , promary school and secondary school to the now 190+ students in total. In my time there was 5 classes in each form, now only 5 classes makes up the whole Primary school :(

It used to has branches in PJ , Penang and Ipoh . The PJ one were sold to Beaconhouse and the Penang branch was sold as well and Ipoh was closed down.

Its really sad to see this happen. FYI the school was sold to the Saudi government for a tidy sum, close to double what Beaconhouse has offered to the founder . And the $$$$$ sign eventually finally covered the eyes of the once dedicated educator , and sold to the highest bidder and evenrtually let the 31 years old name of Sri Inai slipped of this education. If he would have sold to Beaconhouse, chances is that the name Sri Inai would still remain .

But today.........its really history. Finally may all the Inaias who makes it out of the door ...wish you guys best nof luck :)


Merdeka !! Merdeka !!