Saturday, 13 December 2008

Sri Inai closes its door.......

Since opening its door in 1977, Sri Inai has been a household name as one of the first few prestigous private schools in Malaysia, where children on royalties , politicians, ministers and prominent business man studied and graduated thru its door , carrying with them knowledge we learn with them. I was one of them..

Many celebrities and famous people were product of this school. Linda Hashim , Shirley Leong , Yasmin Hani, Chico , Fera Annuar just to name a few. I even has the YDMM Sultan of Pahang's niece as my class mates before, so as Tun Hussein's Onn's grandson and Tun Awang's grandson.

Sadly the school closes its door for the last time today. Below is a news paper report which came out in The Star not too long ago..notifying of its dooms day.

KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 170 students from Sekolah Sri Inai here are in a lurch after the school gave notice of closure beginning Jan 1.

At least 12 teachers of the school located in Jalan Ulu Klang, Ampang, are also expected to be jobless.

It is learnt that school co-founder and executive chairman Datuk Alias Shamsuddin sent letters to parents two days ago informing them of the closure, citing poor student enrolment these past few years which had put the school in financial distress.

In the letter made available to The Star, Alias expressed regret, adding that the school administration would assist parents to enrol their children in other schools.

Many parents said the last-minute announcement was unfair. Several of them met with Alias at the school yesterday.

“Two of my sons will be sitting for the PMR and UPSR next year. The change in schools will affect them and may disrupt their studies,” vented Mohd Taufik Nordin, a 47-year-old businessman, in a phone interview.

An annoyed S.S. Maran, 38, said he was only given the letter after collecting his son’s report card.

“Even though the letter said the staff would help find replacement schools for the children, there is no assurance.

“Moreover, the transfer will take time and is subject to the Education Ministry’s approval,” he said.

A teacher, who declined to be named, expressed shock when she learnt of the school’s closure on Friday, saying she did not know where to find a job.

However, she was more concerned for the students because they might find it difficult adjusting in a new school.

Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said the school had given the parents a rude shock, adding that it was duty bound to help enrol the students in new schools.

He said he would channel the parents’ complaints to the Private Education Division to investigate the matter.

Sekolah Sri Inai Kuala Lumpur, established in 1977, consisted of Sri Inai Senior, Sri Inai Junior and Tadika Inai.

Its Penang and Klang branches were sold off in 1983 while the schools in Petaling Jaya were taken over by new management in 2006.

Gone were the days where we were proud to acclaimed that we were Inains. But frankly the standard drops since the late 1990's to where it is today. With the mushrooming of newer private schools in KL , experienced teachers and management staffs were pinched away , and replaced by newer one. And as a result ????????

From its hey day of over 800 students comprising of kindergarden , promary school and secondary school to the now 190+ students in total. In my time there was 5 classes in each form, now only 5 classes makes up the whole Primary school :(

It used to has branches in PJ , Penang and Ipoh . The PJ one were sold to Beaconhouse and the Penang branch was sold as well and Ipoh was closed down.

Its really sad to see this happen. FYI the school was sold to the Saudi government for a tidy sum, close to double what Beaconhouse has offered to the founder . And the $$$$$ sign eventually finally covered the eyes of the once dedicated educator , and sold to the highest bidder and evenrtually let the 31 years old name of Sri Inai slipped of this education. If he would have sold to Beaconhouse, chances is that the name Sri Inai would still remain .

But today.........its really history. Finally may all the Inaias who makes it out of the door ...wish you guys best nof luck :)


Kenny Ng said...

I thought only projects will be closed, school also facing the same problem? That is very bad.

[NAZZ] said...

I changed school from Sri Inai PJ just the year before they sold it off... I was really pissed becoz no matter how low the standards were heading Most of my best memories were in there.. My best fren is the owner grandson.. he was really sad when it gold sold away... I missed the days in Sri inai... and beaconhuse version of sri inai pj now looks a lot like KDU which sux.. and not very unique at all...

Anonymous said...

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Vivien A said...

I'm actually glad to find a post on SSI. I miss this school. It's sad to pass by and see it turned into an under-maintained Arabic school. I'm probably one of your younger junior that probably miss the giant willow tree that we all tried to be Tarzan as much as you all did.

Vivien A said...
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Seizhin said...

I'm a proud Inaian. Sad to hear the Senior school was closed down, but I heard the name Sri Inai Junior in Penang still lives. Never had the chance to visit though.


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