Tuesday, 30 December 2008

IP MAN.......

The director of Dragon Tiger Gate makes his comeback with his usual star, Donnie Yen. As expected, the martial arts fighting scenes are amazing. This director is amazing, he knows how to direct realistic martial arts fighting features in Dragon Tiger Gate. This guy can create, I can say, some of best martial arts movies. With Samo Hung as martial can be sure !!

The story: It tells about Ip Man's life, the soon-to-be master of the famous Bruce Lee. I can't say much about the plot but the fighting and the music are great. The Japanese soon attacks China which affects Ip Man and his family.From a wealthy highly respected Kung fu master in FuShan to a general worker in coalmine. Soon, he goes for a fight, organised by the Japanese, which can earn him bags of rice. And subsequently he beaten up a colenel whom has has liking to his beautiful wife, and later he was wanted by the Japanese goverment. The Japanese General is impressed by his ability which leads to the final battle of all.

Overall: If you are a martial arts movie fan, this is definitely stunning and not to be missed. If you get entertained by any form of action and want to know the facts of Bruce Lee's master, this should also not be missed. Another good martial arts movie.

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