Tuesday, 23 December 2008

At a crossroad, would you go back to your ex ?????

He /She's hurt you badly. You've had sleepless night thinking about her/him , you've been thinking what has you done wrong , why it all ended so suddenly , dreaming of getting together again. Youve cried yourself to sleep .

Missing him/her , soon turns into hate and anger. You've hated them for dumping you and angry at the damage they has done to your personal life , and the mess he/she has put you in. Also for the tears you shed and the pain in your heart that nobody seems to understand .

You've shun family outings , as seeing your sibling happily with their love ones laughing away with your family , reminds you of the happier times when you were together.

Then after a while the hate and anger is gone and at times turns into missing them badly and thinking of them during special days like your birthday , his/hers birthday . Also feeling sad and bad that you never receive anything them on your birthday. Its not the gift that you is after, but a simple SMS greeting for you would be sufficient . Its the thought that counts.

Then after a while you met him/her back and suddenly realized that how much you've miss them all this while. Thoughts and memories of the happier times kept coming back in your mind, even when you are talking and chit chatting with him/her.

What does that means ???? Are we still missing them ?????? Thoughts of getting back together cant escape playing back in your mind. Don't tell me now. I am sure everyone of us would feel the same . No matter how strong a man may be, he would still be a victim of a simple thing call L-O-V-E.

But further thought of how thing turned out before seems to deter things to further happen. Comments from friends how unsuitable them are for you is is left unhindered. You are afraid that history would replay itself again. But in your heart you still miss them..this is for sure.

The final question that keep playing in your mind is that , would you try to go back to your ex ???????

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