Sunday, 22 July 2007

I finally found...what I've been waiting for...

U either love it or hate it.... its banned in smells good ( but leaves an everlasting odour )..what it is ???? Nothing less than the king of fruits...DURIAN !!!

You either love it or hate it. No two ways about it. Whatever the consensus, one must admit there is nothing quite like the king of fruits. size, flavour or scent-wise.Durian is an accuired fine wine and cheese.... Durians to ang-mohs are like blue cheese to us Asians....the smellier the them it smells us smells like shits and vice versa.. Names like Mao San Wong, D2 , D96 ( my fav ) ,

Proceeded to favourite local durian stall in Setapak Jaya. As usual the crowd is building up in mid-July the best time for durian. Out trusted durian sifu who is also the boss Joe has selected few special durian kings for us to test, the much heard Mou San King ( Mao San Wong or Cat Mountain King )..dunno how the name came about..but who cares...the taste and quality is what matters. Better be good for RM18/kg.

Started off with Mao San KIng , which flesh is golden yellow..with the right amount of sweetness and slight bitterness all in one creamy seed. No wonder this is the new acclaimed King of the King, the most sought after in the market at this moment. Nxt came the grade SIntok and we ended up with Tawa. Dont let the name fools you..TAWA doesnt means tawar....its the bitter type. For bitter durian lovers TAWA is da grade to be.

Some hints and rules of eating durians :-
1) Always start from the less powering taste type. Start from sweet and gradually proceed to bitter ones. If not you wouldnt be able to enjoy the sweetness of the durians.

2) Traditionally they drink tap water from the durian pulp as it is believe that it helps to cool me a cool mineral water works just as well or chinese herbal tea 24 mei.....

The legendary Mou Sang King..yummy yummy

Left : Cintok, medium bodied Right : TAWA, a bitter variety

The price here might be a bit pricey, but what I like is the way the boss Joe, do business. His cincai style and honest and jamin makan is his main selling point. When he opens a durian for you, even u reject it after few seeds, he would immediately replace for question asked.

Directions : Along Jalan Rejang, Setapak Jaya. Beside the lake. If you are coming in from Setapak, follow the direction to Sri Rampai/ Setaapak Jaya. After Sri Utama International School keep going straight.Then you would see s row of stall selling fruits on our right facing some flats. The durian stall is located on the corner, facing the lake.


Michael Song said...

eat dUrian tak ajak!!!

Anonymous said...

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