Monday, 16 July 2007

Air Asia '" Now Everyone can Fly ( except the disabled ) "


Seems like that Air Asia doesnt live up with its motto " Now everyone can Fly " anymore. Was both sad and angry when I read the article ( click here ) on Page 14, Nation, The Star, Monday 16 July 2007 article. Despite our government's effort to help the needy and the less fortunate, why cant Air Asia follow the same ? Rather than refuse to take passengers who were completely immobile, why cant they just them up ??? Other than just focusing on making $$ ( they charge RM12 for renting out a wheel chair, which passenger could use to go from the ticketing counter to the departure hall ). Why cant they just show some caring attitude to the less fortunate, and I was just wondering , who ever make this decision , ever put themself into their shoes...remember there is a saying .." What ever goes around, comes around ".

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