Sunday, 22 June 2008

Wantan Mee at Restoran Mee Wah,Bidor,Perak

Each time when I pass thru Bidor on my way up north, this is a must stop for me. No not at Pun Chun where everyone is flocking to for their wantan mee, duck thigh soup etc..I would prefer to head to this local eatery for some homemade wantan noodles,which in my opinion beats Pun Chun's wantan mee flat down , which was once claimed as the best you can find in this state. Maybe after years of popularity took its toll on its quality which has since detoriated so much lately.

This eatery is much lesser known than the infamous big brother of Bidor, Pun Chun, which puts Bidor into the maps of food connesiours around the country. But this place is a well kept secret of the local community here.

The wantan noodles are all homemade thus it retains the springy texture in every bites..which machined made noodles cant deliver . And the wantans are made fresh and each bites never fails to delivers satisfaction, thanks to the amount of fresh prawns versus pork in each wantans. They made their wantans just as the Hongkies made it, more prawns than pork in their wantans, unlike our local versions where its the opposite.

Try for your self....and you'll never regret !!

Directions : From PLUS highway exit thru Bidor. After paying the toll you would come to a T junction . Take a right turn. Go straight till you reach another traffic light with a KFC restaurant on your left( one and only you cant miss that !! ). The restaurants is just located opposite KFC, right beside the traffic light on the right.

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