Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Petrol rise again !!!!!!! Pump in water now ??

I believe all Malaysian knew that Mr Sleeping has just announced that the petrol price would increase tomorrow to RM2.70/litre wef 5th June 2008 !!! Just a few days ago..he just announced that the petrol price would increase in guess that he must has made the remark while sleeping !!!!

As an effect almost whole of Setapak suburb was jam just now... thanks to some smart aleks motorist who caused it by queing up to get petrol at the few gas stations leading into much can you save lar.... ???? Also u burn petrol while seating inside the car also mar.....right ?

I sometimes really dont understand Malaysia as a petroleum producing nation, we still need to import petrols from overseas ?? Also as Petronas is making so much money exporting petroleum to overseas.why cant they channel all their profits to subsidise the petrol..rather than chanelling to some pockets ???

Also the move to subsidize private car owners RM625 for each car below 2000cc wouldnt help much either. For the 78 sen increase...its just to offsets about 800 litres of petrol on price difference only. If to be divided into 12 month.......its barely enough to subsidize 2 tank full of petrol..on just price difference, in a month .

So its very clear now...BN = Bil naik, barang naik !! Bila naik ?? Baru Naik !! Berapa Naik ?? Banyak naik !!!!!! Gaji saja tak naik !!!!!

Click here for Asian petrol prices

Also that our PM keeping on stressing that our petrol prices is cheapest in da region ... Yes if you were to count in USD/litre... but dollar for dollar ?? For example your salary is RM3000, compares to someone in Singapore who gets SGD3000. He pays SGD 2.15 to 2.35/litre and yet we pays RM 2.70/litre. Then a bowl of wantan mee already cost RM4 in Kuala Lumpur, while in Singapore its SGD2.50 only. YOu get the picture ??? Our folks there can stretch their dollar more than we folks stretch our ringgit here !!

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