Saturday, 18 August 2007

Sanctuary @ Curve

Yesterday was spent @ Sanctuary meeting up with my bunch or friends for happy hour. This bunch were from my clubbing gang when we at our hey days partying off our weekends spoiling our liver and contaminating our lungs during the Viva times. Reached The Curve @ 8pm , and not till 8.30 that I get my parking. I could still remember the days when getting a parking space in Curve was a breeze then..but not now anymore.

Even the disabled parking was not spared !!! Hm..wondering whats did this owner get for Moral ???

As the nite grew,more and more frens turned up to make this a really enjoyable outing for me.
Mike was also there with his colleagues , who happen to be at my next table.Better still some long lost ex kaki of my Viva era , like the ever seductive Jessica and her sister Cindy , Kelly , Chris Too , Alan Lim etc......... also my 3 lovely angels namely Tammie ,Oli and Amelia .

Left : Ken and TaiLok ( with peace sign ) Right : R u thinking bout me ?? The ever seductive Jessica

Left : The tired and stressed look of Mike Right : After a few drinks...a more merrier Mikemmery

Mike arrived at about 10pm and has been complaining about tired and stressed out due to work. Mate..there has been a report I've seen, that working people who goes for a drinks after work tends to have a lower risk of stress related problems such as hypertension, stroke and heart attack. So if u fall under this u have a reason to Happy Hour !!!!!

Left : Me and my sayang Tammie Right : With Amelia and baby Oli

What is a trip to Sanctuary without getting into Ice Bar ???? Well this is my first time actually to Ice Bar . Its so freaking cold inside at -15c and the whole bunch tried to be macho by not wearing the jackets provided. Luckily the shooters of vodka helps to warm us up !!!!!

However the party was busted with a visit from my brothers in blues, who decided to pay a surprised visit to check on peeps poisoning themselves with designer drugs like eramin and 5's . As I went home early, I was not subjected to check,,but one of my fren ( identity protected ) was not so lucky as she was picked up for urine test randomly. But thanks god the results came our negative.


Michael Song said...

cheebye... i not yet finish drinking, the police come and potong stim...

tanalan2 said...

Haha....... never mind continue next week.

Cecilia Yong said...

I didn't know.. got raid in bars.. i better be careful next time! Anyways.... Ice Bar doesnt even look COLD.... is it even cold in the first place?


Merdeka !! Merdeka !!