Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Restoran Todak (Orang Asli) JB

Every trip down south , I really look foward for a meal in this restaurant. This Restoran Todak ( Orang Asli) seems to be a favourite for our neighbour's judging from the amount of Singaporean cars parked outside. First things which comes into our mind is that it's gonna be expensive, but trust me its very reasonable priced compares to KL. With our Ringgit heading down south, its a steal for our lucky neighbours.

The restaurant is also offers a nice view of.............................Singapore's Sembawang ship yard!!! This beach side restaurant build on stilts over looking Singapore. One word of advice, check your handphone signal as you might receive Singapore's signal and you maybe be charged for Singapore calls !!!!!!!

The concept here is based on the HK styled seafood restaurant wher live seafood is displayed out in individual tanks for your perusal. Here you will find giant sizes cockles ( kerang ) the size of a tennis ball !!!! True, I couldnt believe my eyes too !! You shoud really try their fried butter sotong here..its really tasty with the smooth butter taste embedded in their crispy batter. This one is definetely my favourite. We also had a teochew styled steam Siakap which is really fresh ( RM45/kg).

Wat is seafood without crab ?? Had sweet and sour XL Indonesian crab here is reasonably
priced at RM60/kg compares to Green View in SS2,PJ which charges exhorbitant prices for their crabs. But unfortunately the taste never came close to Greenview. Other wise the crab is really fresh and succulent . Should have follow the captains recommendations and go for the Black Pepper Crabs..their signature dish.

Also we had the normal seafood fare like BoiledPrawns ( RM90/kg) , fried seafood tofu ( RM12), Thai styled Japanese snail (RM45/kg), fried vegetable and 3 plates fried mamak mee goreng. This being a Chinese restaurant really dish out a mean mamak styled mee goreng .

For deserts we had fried ice creams !!! This one is really appeal to me, as they use bread as the base and coated with crispy flour and deep fried and its not too oily, and the ice cream remains frozen inside, unlike some who fried it and put the ice cream back in the freezer tobe refrozen which leaves the fried batter soggy.

For a table of ten 12 dishes inclusive of tea and govt taxes the bill only comes out to RM390. And the service is really fast with the first dish coming after 10 minutes of ordering, taking into consideration that its crowded by the time we get there.

Oh yes, its halal too.

Address : 1, Kg Orang Asli , Telok Jawa , Masai, 81750 , Johor Baru
Tel : 07- 286 3696

Directions : Drive along Pasir Gudang highway towards the port. Exit at Seri Alam junction and turn right across into the housing estate. Reach the first traffic light go straight all the way. Then follow the sign board passing through a housing estate . To be for directions !!!!


Michael Song said...

when u wanna bring me there? wanna hunt for food this weekend? angeline suggesting jogoya!

Joseph SGS said...

The last time i was there was 10yrs ago & we usually got lost along the way. Really need your help in direction as i thot you need to head towards Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort first to locate the "red-soil-road". Please enlighten us your honourable guru of makan? btw my contact is 96171116

ayam390 said...

I had been there on 12-06-2010(Sunday).
indeed, the scenic is beautiful and the seafood is fresh. But the taste is just lower then average(10 point I'll give them 4 point)! It took 20 minutes to waiting the waitress to come to take order. 1st dish arriving is 40 minutes after we ordered. So, we took 1 hour to waiting for our dinner since we sit on the chair(if the food is good, it's worth the wait)!! Asking for add water to the tea pot the waiter and waitress just act like see no body....So, i do it by myself!! after 3rd dish is serve(1st dish to 3rd dish took around 20min)then only the rice is coming(in between have been asking for rice more than 5 times)!
the concussion is, no more next time for me!


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