Thursday, 30 August 2007

Merdeka Eve !!!!

Its Merdeka eve today !!!! Means what ?????? Its holiday tomorrow...for most of them..but not for me . As I have to to be on duty tonight, guarding the monkeys in disguise as party revellers in Dataran Merdeka tonight. Every year during eve on public holidays like Merdeka and New Years Eve, I've been on duty in hot spots like KLCC and Bukit Bintang and without fail I am force to make arrest on some dick-heads who's gone over the limit and fighting while celebrating.

Every year without fail places like Dataran Merdeka and KLCC would be out of control. Dataran would be full of 'the future leaders of the superior race' , Mat rempits, Mat Minah , Bohsia's enjoying free concerts and shows and the occasionally fights between gangs are normal. Worst is KLCC, where the Mat Gondols would arrive in packs. Sporting long hairs with gang coloured T shirts with designs like scorpion and skulls would dominate the gardens of KLCC, these Indonesians mostly comprising of constructions workers are a sight to behold. FRU are stationed instead of GD personnels , as fights between ethnics are common. What we are looking here are fights among their countrymen itself between races like Jawa's, Aceh and Minangs ( just an example ). And when FRU's comes into action...nothing is hold back. This would show them that who is in power and not to fight in my country. You cant blame us to use force on once things get out of hand.... you'll hoped that we were here earlier. Like the word says ' Fight fire with fire ".

Lets hope tonight would be a peaceful night of celebration to welcome our nations 50th birthday and not to welcome some dick heads into the lock-ups day. I don't wan to make any arrest for which means I have to spend another few hours doing a report...all I wan after my duty is a good night sleep and a much deserve rest. Sometimes I would wonder what the monkeys think in their head when they wanna pick up a fight during celebrations ???? To them do they feel macho , as if they are the strongest of the pack when they whack up some poor fellows till they drop ???? For me if I get to arrest the street fighter, I'll give the dick head a good slap on his face and show him who's in charge and definitely I'll ask him what satisfaction does he gets from whacking the shit out of a poor fella !!!!

Lets hope tonights celebration would be a peaceful wan ..................


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Actually what is ur job?? A policemen arr?? Any extra pay for all ur trouble?? Since u r working tonight ( I will be pokeing away He! He! ) I wish u a peacefull night duty & enjoy ur holiday tommorrow!

tanalan2 said...

Hi hor ny hor ny... me argh...PVR. Police volunteer reserve.... Hey make sure yr fire works xplode at 12am ngam ngam hor !!!! Salary ??? RM4/hr only...


Merdeka !! Merdeka !!