Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Cheap and tasty Jap food !!! Oishi !!!!

Its been a while that I've eaten in this Tenka Daichi Ramen ( literally means Worlds No 1 Ramen restaurant ) . I used to frequent this place quite frequently which serves great tasting Japanese food at an affordable price. This small and comfortable ryori is run by a Malaysian chinese guy with a beautiful Japanese wife. Lucky man indeed !!!!

As the name suggest, they serves a variety of good ramen , judging from the amount of Japanese customers, they ought to be serving good stuff. But being a faithfull man I am , I always ended up with Pork Katsu set ( Ton-Katsu setto). At only RM10.90 its a steal. It also comes with a rice , a side tofu and a clear yakame soup ( seaweed soup )

An0ther set worth trying is their Unagi set ( RM20 ) , which according to my fren its really
tasty. Another 2 fren ordered a fried bitter gourd with bonito flakes set and anothet had a Cha Gohan to Gyoza setto ( Fried rice n Gyoza set RM 11.90 ), which unfortunately I didnt manage to take any photos , no thanks to their hunger pang, as its about 9pm. The total bill only came out to RM62.70 inclusive of ocha's and taxes.

Tenka Daiichi Ramen Japanese Rest
Ground Floor , Wisma Central
Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2163 2317 or 017 -322 1331

Business hour : Mon to Friday ( 1130am - 330pm ) or 6.00pm - 1030pm
Saturday ( 6PM TO 10PM )
Sunday and Public Holiday close

Direction : Its located directly opposite K Avenue and next to KLCC. There is a Proton dealer on the ground floor. As you walk in thru the main door, look out for the second row of shops. You cant miss that with the signature red lantern hanging outside.

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