Sunday, 19 August 2007

Cravings cravings...

Came back from duty and kinda felt hungry , so cooked myself a can of Campbell soup ...but after gulping it down..still felt little hungry just crave for a quickie noodle. So off to the shelf and found my old trusted Indomie mee goreng.... guess what had a double with a fried egg and luncheon meat !!! A completely wholesome ' Chan Tan Mee " !!!!!

Its been a while since I fried ann egg, but thanks god it turns out perfectly just the way I like it, as the yolk is not too runny and just turns solid and creamy and retained its orange center.Its so creamy..hmm.yummy. Ended up with 3 pieces of leftover luncheon meat which was fried till perfectly crisp on the outside !!!

My favoutite instant noodle :-

1) Maggi Mee - tomyam , curry and assam laksa flavour
2) Tung-1 instant abalone and chicken meehoon
3) Indomie Mee goreng Asli
4) Zow Zow Duck Noodle ( Thai )
5) Mama Thai Tomyam noodle - Super tasty...3packs at a fresh sotong !!!!!

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Michael Song said...

alan... next time i dont care... u must cook for me...

in btw, help me, copy the smashpop link fr my page... pls pls pls....


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