Monday, 27 August 2007

Korean food @ Sunway

Its been ages since I last had a Korean meal . There was only a handful of Korean restaurants back then as far as I can remember, but its been mushrooming lately especially after Dai Jong Kam movie craze..and even a restaurant is named after her.

With some Korean restaurant wannabe mushrooming around, its time to give this Korean restaurant try and see whether does it makes the mark, compares my fav at the old corner bungalow in Ampang ( opposite Ampang Point) . Anyone knows where it has moved ???

Meet up with few of my close fren for a dinner here in Woo Ga CHon in Sunway Mentari. Arrived at about 8pm and almost half of the restaurant is already filled up. What I like in Korean food is the variety of side dishes it has to offer..and the best part is that it's free !! But the line-up isnt so impressive as the Ampang bungalow. The steam egg is too cooked and turns out hard. Test 1 ...... 5/10.

Top : Beef was fresh though...nice 8/10 Bottom: Good lamb though. Another 8/10

This hot pot summer wild rice was a dissapointment though. Practically tasteless , though we see some ginseng , dates and also some pak kor ( lotus seed ). Is it they forget to add in salt or issit is to be eaten on its own like it is ??? Deserves a mere 3/10 for the effort.

This hot stone bibimbap with pork is so much better than the former. However still far off my fav place. Deserves a 6/10 though .

This Kimchi is really a dissapointment. It lacks the texture and the kick from the added spices.

At last something is good.the Shoju ( 19.8% proof). Note that someone is trying to act funny and cute ? She is cute , aint she ??

And also good company............... Left : Guess who am I ??? Right : Ever playful Ivin and Oli

One thing this place emerges winner is the price. Total damage for 6person , inclusive of 4 servings of BBQ, 2 rice , 2 Bulgogi a bottle of Shoju and all those free side dish only adds up to RM231, which is really affordable. However they need to buck up more on their service, as they are really short handed.

Location : Sunway Mentari. Just next to the former ProJet Station ( now Shell ). Same row facing the main road.

Direction : As you are coming in from Federal Highway, turn left into Sunway area. Instead of going up the bridge to LDP, made a u turn below the bridge , heading back to Kurnia building direction. Make a left turn at the junction and at the cross junction turn right. This restaurant is located in the new shops on the left next to EPL coffee shop, directly next to the new Shell station ( former Projet )

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