Sunday, 12 August 2007


As we all have read in newspapers over the years regarding The African Scam letters. Today they have reach new heights by using emails as their new media channel. We have also read of lawyers, doctors, accountants and other professionals falling into the scam...all because of one word...GREED. Below is the email i received from anther scammer. Beware you have been warned.

The letter reads.....

Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2007 11:01:38 +0200 (CEST)
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Subject: From Miss Stephanie
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Attn Please

Dear I know that this massage will come as a suprise to you but after much consideration i decided to contact you,before we proceed, i don't know if i have introduced myself to you, I am Miss Becky Koulibaly

The reason why i send this massage to you is because i am not safe here due to my situation and my predicament so i decided to seek for your assistance.

I have a serious problem which is an injury that lingers in my soul for almost seven months now and i want somebody who is reliable and honest who will advise or give me a suggestion on how to overcome the crisis. my mother is not longer alive here in abidjan as i am writing you and recently My Beloved Dad join his ancestors though the hand of his wicked brother who call him self my uncle but has turn to be a lion over night to me.

How i wish i will see you now in my country and we talk to each other at present. my father before his death was a chairman of cocoa dealers here in bouake ivory coast,that was when am still a student at the federal college of in Abidjan. but i stop school after the death of my father because my uncle decided to poison me just for nothing sake, As am writing you now, all my hope and dream of future was shartered and spread to the sky as i don't know what to do,

My father left a big amount of money with the bank USD 4.5MILLION DOLLARS, and i don't know about this, it was on the 10th of october last year that our farmily lawyer kindly hand over to me the documents covering the deposit and the WILL my father wrote and the instruction on how i will utilise the money, Meanwhile i don't know what actually what to do with this money because of shartered brain and life line, that is why i contacted you so that you can advise me or give me suggestion how i will handle the inheritance and also help me to transfer this fund to your account .

And after the conclution of the transfer i will come over to your country to continue my education, Please it is a long story that if i start to narrate them now, you will be start shedding tears over there, but i will give you more details in your next mail but kindly bear in mind that i need you to help me out of this my bad condition and help transfer this money to his account and assist me come over there for security of my life and the fund and start a new life you.

Please i need your help, please i will love to hear from you urgent.
Thanks once again and please extend my greeting to your family.

Sweet love from

Miss Stephanie Kona

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