Friday, 10 August 2007

My stay in JB Pan Pacific...bad one

Hi, just came back from JB after spending 2 tiring days visiting customers.As usual checked into Pan Pacific JB ( my dads choice for the past 20 years, tats wat I called loyalty ).However I was not too satisfied this time around . Took a deluxe room costing RM 268++ in their corporate block. As usual asked the counter about their internet facilities ....yes they have..but the charges is RM1.90/minute or RM57/24 hours !!! Phew...god damm it so F'kin expensive ?????? Wat on earth now are they charging internet access for ??? Nowadays what hotel still charges internet connection ???? I travelled extensively ..Taiwan, China, Hong Kong etc.....all the business hotels are offering free internet connectivity....Why Pan Pacific is still charging ?I put on the question to the front counter man 'who doesnt eat pork'. The answer is " we are not the same owner "...wat on earth is a 5 star hotel staff giving such an answer ??? Yes I can expect it from a toilet cleaner or a house keeping...but not from a front office !!!! haha a byproduct of our 'excellent' public school .

Secondly, I asked for a morning call at 7am. Guess what ??? No one called..... luckily my bodyclock is working perfectly..or else I would miss my morning appointment !!

Then after breakfast, something stupid happened to me. I was staying in room 1222. But I went room 1522 , obviously I couldnt open the door. As I still thought I am staying in room 1522, i went down to the reception , I told the front office that my couldnt open my room's door . The front office man , just asked me what room no ??? I casually told him that 1522, and he took my card and issued me a new one.with no question asked ..... Y am I upset ???? I went up to 'my' room and opend the door..only to find that a womens dress is hanging on the chair and some make up are on the table... Damm i must have entered the wrong room !!!! I quickly took out the hotel check in slip..and found that actually I am staying in room 1222 !!!!! Y am I still upset as I myself made a mistake ??? The reason is being security. Why the front office didnt verify the occupants name before issuing me with a new card ??? Does that means that I can just keep my old room key card and just walk up the front office and tell him to issue me a newcard and I can just walk into my target room and steal things etc ???? Luckily there was no one in the room or else a big scene is about to be created !!!

That is not what I expect from a 5 star hotel like Pan Pacific !!! Buck up or loose out !!!!!


Michael Song said...

one word for them... KANINA CHEE BYE...

tanalan2 said...

Stay tune...would post the reply from da management ......


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