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Taiwan Trip March 2007

Left : Part of my collection of KL-HK-TPE boarding passes for 2006.......

Well first trip to Taiwan for the 2007. Well been travelling to Taiwan like 3 times a year for the past few years due to some business dealings there....

As usual flew by Cathay PAcific..coz of the flexible time. Spend 2 nights in Taichung before moving up to Taipei for a night

Hey check out the biggest tree I've seen in my entire life. Rumoured to be over 1000 years old. Located in Dashan rest area, From Taichung heading towards Tainan, South bound.

The new Taiwan High Speed Railway service from Taichung to Taipei , Running at over 300km perhour. Took 65 minutes from Taichung to Taipei including 3 stops, where normally takes over 2 1/2 hrs by coach...Bye bye U-Bus...I'll take THSR from now on !!!!! Fast and convenient...

This ride cost NTD700 compares to NTD240 for the coach ride

See how polluted the air is ???

Downtown Taipei in da afternoon, and Hsinlin Night market at night. Recommended !!!!! Lots of glorious food and pasar malam like shopping at night here.

Rows and rows of yummy food here in Hsinlin Hawkers Food Ring...But mostly of them sells the same stuff...or chien , Sausage, Smelly tofu , steaks..drinks...overpriced fruits !!


The guy in white is scoping my Yummy dinner. Cost NTD 120...very reasonable

This was my dinner .. Fried Oyster Omellete ( Or Chien ). Tasty with some sweet tasting peanut sauce on top ( taste a bit like satay sauce though, minus the spicyness ) , fried vermicelle ( Bee hoon ) and some mix seafood stew which consist of some ultra fresh huge cuttlefish ( not sotong ) fresh young bamboo shoots ..just simple yummy... Note the sauce on my noodle?? No chilly so have to do with some Spicy Fermented Bean Sauce ( TauChu)...The best is just yet to come....see below

Guess what ???? ' Choe Toe Fuu' Smelly Tofu or fried fermented beancurd !!! My first time..I kinda of felt like being on Fear Factor Family Edition, with my dad looking at me when i took my first bite. Must admit it was kinda weird and hard to stomach on my first bite...and guess what ??? I ended up polishing up da whole serving :)-
Taste good with the sour cabbage, vinegar and the Spicy fermented Bean sauce ...... WIR ??? Definetely. Only NTD30/plate.
if compares to HK style smelly tofu .. the smell is not that strong compares to the one i smelled in HK....

Left : Taken at Huasxi Night Market, Taipei.
This area is famous for its snake soups and turtle soups.

Below : Pictures taken at Longshan Temple,Taipei. Just steps away from Huasxi Market. You can really feel the calmness and serenity here inside the temple.

Taken Nov 2006.

Taipei 101 Tower, outside and inside
Sept 2006

Calling all passengers for Flight CX 721.....HK-KL...

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