Sunday, 13 May 2007

Dragon-i Sunway

Was at Sunway Pyramid couple of days ago and my frens decided to drop b Dragon i restaurant for a quick dinner.Heard so much of this rest..but yet to here comes my fist visit to the beautiful rest. Was greeted by a very fusion looking like my mind I was thiking..can can a so modern looking restaurant dishes out amean Siu Long Bao ???????

We had 3 noodles, an egg white something , 2 xiao long bao as wel as a desert n few drinks.and the bill came out to about 120..quite reasonable...

The beef brisket lai meen was huge n tasty. With a huge chunk of tasty yet tender beef brisket with the right amount of fat n tendon . Only one word..... Cheng ( super tasty in Chinese ). he soup was tasty with slight hints of chili only complain is that the noodle was not Lai Meen as suggested , it was machined made.

Next came the main dish that I am looking foward to... Heard so much about their Xiao Lung Bao.....Better than the one in Shanghai ???? YES
. The taste is more stronger than the one you would find in Shanghai ..Probably it was modified to cater to the taste of our SEA palate. Next came a very simple dish which they managed to made it into an xcellent piece of art... It's called Egg White. It came in dish with fillets of fish,hints of dried conpoy and brocolli. And you have to stir in the raw egg yolk served making it very silky and smoth indeed !! Xcelent !! Bt the desert was a letdown.its sorts of like a tong yuen..but according to my buddy it wasnt cooked properly. Dragon I staff, if you are reading this..please take note....

This trip was an eyeopener for me, as they managed to do a typical Shanghainese fod better than the ones in Shanghai. Kinda of strange but true.just like a mat salleh dishing out a plate of tasty Hokkien Char !!!!!!

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