Thursday, 10 May 2007

Shanghai shanghai... May 2005

Who say all the Starbucks , KFC and Haagen Dazs design around the world is da same ??Not in China !!!! Cheng Wang Miau....

The rest behind serves the best ultimate ' xiao lung pau' in the world !!!!! Ding Tai Fung is still many many steps behind !!! But at this restaurant you would find a minimum charge depends on where you seats. Some is RMB25 , RMB 50 and RMMB 75. Food is cheap and for RMB25 you can have a hearty meal. Obviously I went for the RMB25 seats !!!!!!!

Holy cow who says a train is slow ??? This thing can outrun a Formula 1 car at full speed !!!!!! 431 km/h.....

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