Sunday, 13 May 2007

My comfort food- Ramly Burger !!!!

My ultimate burger Double Ayam Banjo !!! With lots of Mayo...

Ramly Burger...... my ultimate comfort food. It warms up my stomach after clubbing , after TT session after work...just satisfy my crave !! Yes I admit that I do crave about this wonderful Malaysian homegrown brand. I crave it when i is away during my overseas travel. As I must have my fix every week without miss....I even have a bag in my freezer for emergency use only !!! I've even created a premium burger out of's how... deforst 3 patties, mashed it up..add some fresh grounded black pepper, lots of chopped onions , add in a beaten egg and form into 2 patties each about 1 1/22 inch thick.Voila..some premium look a like Ramly burger..smple but sure rocks !!!!

Wher ever you housing estates , main roads , hawker stalls,college, uni's sure you would fnd a burger stall with the word Ramly on it..Thats the power of Ramly founded by a Tuan Haji Ramly bin Mokni in 1970's who himself was a burger seller too. Tuan Haji is a hero among the Ma;ay youth, who's gave them a chance of becoming his own boss and gives them a job , by selling Ramly burger. My regular burger man..told me that on a bad day he would reap about RM100 nett profit and almost RM200 on a good day ( 1.e Fri/Sat season , exam season-courtesy of TARC )..And he managed to buy himself a house and a brandnew Waja just from selling burger.......

Try searching in would get 19700 hits !!! try to beat that.... RAMLY rocks !!!!

Do you know that despite its popularity among Singaporeans, the import of Ramly Burger into Singapore is prohibited, along with all other Malaysian beef products. However, several stalls have smuggled the burger, albeit illegally, into the country. In particular, Ramly Burger stalls are rampant in pasar malams, which are harder to track due to their itinerant nature.It os often sold under the name "The famous burger '' or " burger from across "... Thats the extent Ramly fans would go in a country where everything is ' FINE'..........

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