Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Passing of a corporate giant.

The late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong was a living legend when he was alive. He passed away peacefully at 90 and his success story in turning the forested hills of Genting into a fabulous casino resort will remain unrivalled for years to come.

He has brought joy and sweet memories into our childhood, where we all always look foward to a day's outing at the only theme park then. It has also brought joy and bitter memoies to many at his infamous casino.

Uncle Lim, as he is fondly known, epitomised the rags to riches story of the Chinese immigrant. He is truly a Malaysia Boleh figure. I just cant think of any other Malaysian who can rival his success. His business empire he left behind encompasses plantations, property , power generation , oil and gas explorations and cruise industries worth a whopping USD 22 billion !!!! All that starts with only a suitcase and $175 at that time. Even Wall Street Journal carries an article in their latest edition. This is his power and status in the international business world.

Our former PM , Tun Mahathir , called him an exemplary corporate citizen , who complied with regulations and policies and willingly supported the government restructuring efforts and still be able to achieve outstanding success.

We salute his awe his greatness !!!!

May his soul rest in peace and bless us all.

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