Thursday, 25 October 2007

Angkasa1 or Space Tourist ???

While our leaders in Bolehland is busy celebrating our future Datuk's return from a successful mission onboard the Soyuz-10 recently, NASA is more sober in a way.

Y ??? Check this out. Our Angkasa1 is being labelled as a spaceflight participant !!!!!! An astronaut , a cosmonaut or a spaceflight participant ( a.k.a all expenses paid trip (by the poor rakyat ) space tourist ). You decide ! Its clearly made known that Bolehland forked out a big sum of money to Russia in order to launch a Malaysian into orbit celebrating Hari Raya and to have him eating rendang tok in ISS during Hari Raya !!!!!!

The Russians had made their intention clear that on the next launch , that the Russian Space Agency , Roskosmos , would offer another seat for theie next launch to ISS in 2010/1. SO how much we poor rakyat has to fork out again ???

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