Sunday, 2 September 2007

Welcome back neighbour !!!

Was having my dinner while attending my niece's kindergarden concert , when I receive a 'lovely' SMS from my ex-neighbour, whom has moved back to Setapak, after his mum and sister decided to move out .

Here's how the message reads :-

Neighbour i'm BACK !! Welcome to nightmares !!!!

Being a friendly neighbour , I replied :-

Haha F u . I welcome u to night mare first. Let my dog welcome u back to Setapak with barkings tonight. Wish u hv a good sleep 2nite. Hv earpiece ready when u sleep. Don say I nvr warn u ! Anyway welcome back. From : Yr 4ever loving neighbour

My lovely Kenji ready to welcome Clement back !!!!!!!!!!

No worries, actually we are good buddy. We grew up together, hang together , limteh and race together. Let me relate some of our nice stories when young........ When I was young,my room was located next to his living room, seperated by a wall as we are immediate neighbours, he would always bang the wall so I cant sleep !! Then I used to have a swing in my garden, he would come over and play . In the mean time, he would bring over a handheld toy , the one where you use water pressure to push some rings into a pole..remember ???? Those were the days before Western Bar hand held games comes into our life yet. He would let me play for the price of a piece of dried meat !!! The game ends when he finished the dried meat !!!! To continue playing , I would give him another piece of dried meat !!!! Haha those were those good days....

Any recollection of your good old days with your neighbour ????


Princess Eileen said...

Hehe, I also go to my neighbour's swing to play when I am young.

We did something very stupid.... we are young and we don't have people sending us letters. So we told each other to write letters and then put in our letter box. Muahahaha.... those were the good times when I am still in Sarawak.

I think I wont even recognize my neighbour in KL if we bounce into each other in the shopping mall!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Ha!Ha! BTW how much did u buy ur dogg*y? How old is he? Have a nice day!

tanalan2 said...

Eileen : Oh...the good old days.. Now use email leow lor......

Horny AM : Errr now he's 5yo leow. Bought him for 1500 when he was 3month old. U like doggie also ?


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