Tuesday, 18 September 2007

MissMynx tagged me !!!!!!!

I’ve been tagged by Missmynx

Rules:Repeat subject header “I’M TAGGED, THEREFORE…”Copy + paste these rules in your entry.Complete these 15 totally useless statements & questions.Mention who you were tagged by, followed by 8 people who you’ll be tagging.
WARNING!Failing to do so and you’ll be cursed eternally with a 3-holed nose and a low-cost flat. (evil!)
Here it goes..

If I was an opposite gender, what would my party clothes be like? Harajuku style !!!!

At 10am this morning, I wasDamm its 945am now lar...but guess that I would nest in the toilet with a copy of The Star newpaper ??

At 10pm tonight, I will beDoing my policing duty lor...havent been duty for the past 2 weeks...Yes I am a police too..ok ?

Who should be the next Malaysian Prime Minister? Err..sensitive leh..I don wan kena ISA lor... but how bout choosing Alan Tan to be the next PM ?????

If my spouse told me to do without sex for a year, I would…
She wont.....coz I am too good for her ok ????

If I was a piece of a car, I would be the…
Err..... the ECU ?? Well I'll be a Ferrari coz I am a stud !!! Hehe.....

If I was told one day that I would have to give up either 1) anything chocolate OR 2) ever seeing the beach again, for the rest of my life, which one will I give up?
Beach lar ofcoz..I cant do without chocolates. Lindtt dark Swiss Thins !!

Singapore is good for…
Kiasu & Kiasi. Well btw its also a FINE country. ( sucking the poor citizens by hefty FINE's ). I like Phua Choo Kang though..yes !!!!!

If I could only say 3 words before I die, what would those last words be?
I love BB Milk !!!

Who would I like to be left on a deserted island with?
My BB Milk lar ofcoz..... but please supply me with endless coffee, chocolates, yummy food and also a genie in a bottle with endless wish !!!!

Die by drowning or by fire?
Can jump from suicide argh ???? You jump I jump....fall flat on ground..less pain..also can try skyjump for free mar...

What one single thing would you buy with your last RM9.95?
Err..... just been wondering what 9.95 can I get nowadays . Oh yeah ..a Big Mac set !

If I opened a night club, what would I call it?
Love nest !!!!

Don’t cheat: what’s “bulbous”?
Wats that ???? Err..any hints ????

I think my ass is…
Round and firm..... nice ass right ???? I'll be J Lo if I am a women...

I am tagging : Mikemmery , Kenny Ng , Whitetulip , LasiLasi , Dr Cecilia , Princess Eileen , Horny Angmoh , KK


Princess Eileen said...

wakakaka... oh, i got tagged! Eh, I still got 2 tags pending leh... one I not going to do, another one just received yesterday. Gimme some time ya. Wakakaka... Tag crazy~~~~~

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Wah I also got arr?? Ok lah I see what I can do later Ok! Have a nice day!

lasilasi said...

lol i still got 2 tags pending too - getting busy these days... have to work harder else cant graduate on time sniff sniff =p so giv me some time too k

Michael Song said...

brother i dont play tags leh... hehehehe... sorry ya...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! done ur tag already!Have a nice day!


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