Saturday, 15 September 2007

BB....i luv u

BB, reached home to an empty bed and looking into your picture really brings back the sweet memories you brought to me over the week. It makes me realize how much you really mean to me and how much I really miss you now. I miss your smell. I miss you fighting with me over my bolster. I miss the coffee you make for me in the morning. I miss your rantings to me to brush my teeth and takes my bath before bed time. BB my life wouldn't be complete without you.

Thanks for the sweet memories and keeping my room clean. BB I am really touched when I came home from work the other day to find my room so spotless clean, bed maked up everyday, my floor being moped. So how am I going to live without you then ? Whats life to me again without you. You really shows me the meaning of life again. You are simply a gift from god to me.You injected happiness and warmth into my life again. The feeling is so warm and strong when I saw you walking hand in hand with my niece that day, how she sticks to you and how happy hr face is when she sees you.

BB also thanks for taking care of my brother when he's unwell. Also sorry that we miss out on our paktor session and you never even rant a single disapproval when we have to cancel our plans to be with my brother.

Going to a Golden anniversary dinner tonight and I really hope that you could be with me tonight, but I cant be so possessive as you already been away from your home for the past week.

Cant really waiting till the time when you move up here to KL and complete the final piece of my life jigsaw.

B......I miss you. B I love u. B remember our IKEA promise ????


Michael Song said...

congrats mate... happy for u really...

Princess Eileen said...


*goosebumps all up*

*Where the heck is my THICK sweater?*

Haha, congrats for the love from a sweet & pretty gf! It is really great to be loved & to love right?


tanalan2 said...

Yaya my princess..shivering leh ?? Me also little bit shiver now...but i really posted it straight from my heart.

Hmm...miss da feeling for too long leow...great to find it back lor...

How bout u ??????

Princess Eileen said...

You just dig a hole at my would, put some salt & rubbing very hard on it. Wakakakaka.....

tanalan2 said...

Sorry. Didnt know that I brought such an impact on u !!! Sorry dear.

ilovepearly said...

wow...that is so sweet...she is a special one!


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