Saturday, 15 September 2007

Follow up on sigh....

To my friends who send their regards on my family matters..I am really touched by your kindness. Thanks Kenny,Mike,Princess and so on.

Actually my brother was admitted into hospital due to suspected dengue, which later was diagnosed as suspected viral infection. That worries me. At least if dengue, is such a common nowadays , we can be sure of the treatment for him. But after few blood count test..thanks god its down to dengue fever.

Been a very tough few days for me, as I have to juggle between my work, family and my BB. BB, I am really sorry for what we plan to have a happy week with many plans for you, but u ended up accompanying me to hospital, my brothers place and doing little things. But what to do ????

Anyway my brother is on the right track to recovery and is expected to be out in a few more see u guys !!!! I'll be back.

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