Friday, 7 March 2008

Who would you vote ???????

Janice Lee giving her speech

A heroine welcome for Big sister Theresa

Attended my very first ceramah yesterday at Pandan Perdana organized my DAP . It was really an eye opener.

Despite the rain , uncovered venues and no food served,you would be surprised by the amount of rakyats turn up to listen to the truth..nothing but the truth by the opposition. You would feel proud to be one of the crowd, campaining in the rain. The crowd was much much more than nearby ceramah organized by the Banyak Naik party...despite the free food, sheltered venues , good PA system and fans ( courtesy of the rakyat's hard earned $ me..our hard earned money ) ..but the turnout was just in the region of few hundreds !! Action speaks louder than words....... the number shows.

With issues over the misused of public funds by the ones in matters pertaining to the welfare of the chinese rakyats., to the corruption involving the local councils..... the crowd responded with rounds applause supporting the opposition action of revealing the true facts that was not reported in the newspaper ( obviously as they are govt. controlled...I want you to know what I wanted you to know.... )

At this ceramah was the DAP candicate for the Teratai seat, Janice Lee Ying ha , who gave a very powerful speech on matters pertaining to MPAJ mainly , and they managed to save the best for last with the arrival of the iron-lady and the Big Sister of DAP , Theresa Kok at about 1130. However her speech was cut short due to the late hours and as well as the permit expires at 12am, sharp.

So who you vote for on the 8-March 2008 ???? The choice is yours.

BN = Barang Naik , Bil Naik . Bila Naik ??? Baru Naik !!!! Berapa Naik?? Banyak Naik !!!!!!

Or you rather vote for for these ..............

Also our beloved minister who holds a keris waving in the air, vowing to bath in chinese blood !! Can you take it anymore. We are being pushed and squeezed and still keep quiet. Also vote for someone whom we refer as 'run dog' ?? Who has the face to hug the minister , when he announced that he is approving the building of 6 chinese school? Remember just approved and gives you a land....and we still have to do a fund raising to built it !!!!

Enough is enough !!!

So vote wisely.......

Another catch tune by the opposition...enjoy !!


Cybermate said...

Teresa Kok rocks!! She took care of us for 12 years in Seputeh. She is cool...

tanalan2 said...

Yeah..glad that she won !!!


Merdeka !! Merdeka !!