Sunday, 9 March 2008

Tsunami hits Penang,Kedah , Selangor, FT and Kelantan !!

Yes !! We've done it..well done people , by showing the democracy side of the people, by denying the coalition party BN the 2/3 majority victory with landslides win in Penang, Selangor , Kelantan and Kedah.See results here.

Congragulations also to YB Tian Chua on his win in the P115 Batu parlimentary seat. Npw you may give ceramah without being worried about spending a night in a 'free hotel' anymore.

A political storm over Penang was expected after the recent political turmoils brewing over the island state ,where 'somebody' stated that the CM post was to be given to a Malay, poor economy etc. Hopefully the rakyats choice this year would bring good changes to Penang . I am sure our 'unofficial' new CM, Mr Lim Guan Eng would be able to repay the rakyats trust in you !!!!

Also we wish to wish a Happy Belated Birthday to our beloved Datuk Seri Samy Vellu,who celebrated his birthday on the 8-March. To mark and as a gift for being the longest serving cabinet minister , he was given the boot as a birthda present as well as a ticket to a long long retirement holiday !!!

This years election has clearly shown that the government has to be more awake and concern of the rakyats problem and sentiments. Please take this as a wake up call before its too late. This also showns that the rakyats are no longer the rakyats we used to be, we are more smart and vigilant . However on the brighter side, it also shows democracy 'really' exist in this country, minus some small rumours that the 'son-in -law' actually lost in his parliment elections but won by a recount ??

The rakyat has answered the call for VOTE FOR A CHANGE..and we should see !!! Dear newly elected MP's, we put our faith and trust in you, please do not dissapoint us !!!!

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