Wednesday, 3 September 2008

What in a womens mind ????????

Received a MSN message from an ex today....stating that whenever she is sad, my name would appear on her mind. As I am one of the 2 men she's hurt in her life. When I answered her that I also felt the same, whenever I am lonely , her image pops up in my mind..Then everything just went blank from there...................

Her words kept popping up in my mind yesterday nite , resulting in a sleepless night..thinking of what in her mind now.

What you readers have to say about this ??

It was she who decided to end the relationship suddenly, it was she who doesnt want to give me another chance in was she who called for everything..from start to the end.


Eileen said...

Women are complicated... There are plenty of explanations I could provide for you.

1. Maybe she is lonely
2. Maybe she is in a phase
3. Maybe she still has feelings for you
4. Maybe someone else hurts her, and you are a rebound.
5. etc etc

tanalan2 said...

Haha totally agreed with you my princess !! Womens heart are like a needle in the bottom of the sea !!!!

JASON said...

but for sure u must move on


Merdeka !! Merdeka !!