Thursday, 25 September 2008

Finally I make it home !!!!! What a day !!

As a result of Typhoon Hagupit which hits Hong Kong yesterday, I got my self stranded in Taiwan yesterday for more than 5 hours awaiting my return flight to KL via Hong Kong . Imagine sitting there awaiting when you can go home is one of the most annoying thing which can happen to a traveller.

Check into Taoyuan International Airport Taipei at 0900am for my 1120am flight to Hong Kong for my connecting flight home by Cathay Pacific. While awaiting boarding we were told that the flight would be delayed to 130pm which left me wondering aimlessly in the airport. Finally we were told to board the waiting plane a little over 1pm. The worst is yet to come.........

While awaiting to take off to from Taipei, the Cathay Pacific's flight failed to get clearance to land in Hong Kong due to a recurrent typhoon and we were make to wait for another 2 hours in the plane !! Tensions flared in plane with some passengers started hurl abuses at the steward/dess on duty , as most of the over 300 hundred passengers in the 747 would end up missing their connecting flights back home . Poor thing as its none of their fault and yet they need entertain such a passenger.

Finally the plane took off at 330pm and scheduled to arrive at Honk Kong at 445pm. The typhoon was so bad that we need to abort 3 landing attempts and wasted 45 minutes circling the airspace of Hong Kong. Imagine a fully laden 747 rocks and sways by the wind !!! Finally we make it on the ground admist applause by passengers at 530pm !! Upon reaching the terminal I only found out that my connecting flight CX693 to KL was suppose to leave at 255pm was re-scheduled to 5pm..but it is already 545pm now! And I drag my self to the nearest Cathay transfer counter to get myself another connecting flight back.

Tempers flares are getting worst when a Taiwanese was hurling abuses at an off duty Cathay Pacific ground staff who was just passing thru the area. Despite abuses and scoldings from this unruly Taiwanese passenger , she managed to kept her cool and explained the whole situation to this passenger. Hats off to this SYT for handling the situation so professionally !! But Cathay Pacific also need to understand the situation, as hundreds of passengers missed their connecting flights and they only open 4 counters !!!! I myself waited more than 1 1/2 hours in line.

As the counter staff told me that there are no more flights out of HK to KL tonight as the last flight CX693 already left at 545pm !! And they decided to put me on the next available flight out of HK the next morning at 845am and offered me a night stay at a nearby hotel and HKD40 meal voucher. In my heart I am started to get angry guys put me in all this mess all you do is to offer me a night stay plus HKD40 meal voucher ? Y so kiamsiap wan ?? What can u get for HKD40 now adays plus the voucher can only be used in the airport ?? Furthermore this stop in HK is unplanned and I dont even has a single HKD dollar with me . SO expect me to eat what ??

Finally the counter staff only managed to check that the earlier CX693 didnt leave HK after all because of some technical problems and wouldnt leave till 8pm !! Mind you its 730pm at that time and I have to run like a mad man across the airport just to be in the gate by 8pm !!

Finally after much delay we manage to leave HK at 830pm and reach KL at 1130pm. And guess what my bad luck never ends here as they didnt manage to check in my bag !!! Damm !! Luckily I am home...if this happen when I am on my way to Taiwan ?????

Finally make it back home a 2am today.....alive. And my poor dad needs to fly to Hong Kong also today..which his flight was also delayed ......

Dunno who to blame ? The typhoon or Cathay ? WHy other flights can make it and not ours ??

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