Thursday, 25 September 2008

Taichung revisited

Its been countless times I've been to Taichung, but I'll never get bored as every visit is a new experience for me. As the name literally suggest , Middle of Taiwan, its located about 150kms away from Taipei ( which means Northern Taiwan ).

Basically Taichung is an industrial town, but like any other cities of Taiwan, its heritage in argicultural still lies strongly in the heart of Taiwanese. This can be seen from the amounts of paddy fields which is scattered around town,beside houses, factories and even back alleys is not spared !!

Paddy fields everywhere !!! View from my hotel, Howard Prince Taichung.

Taichung is also the home of the infamous Betelnut girls...........where scantily clad ladies does their business by cabins by the roadsides attracting passing drivers with their killer bodies, sometimes wearing nothing more than an underwear and lingerie....wait its not what you think..they are mere selling betelnuts , ciggrates and nothing more !!

Another must visit spot in Taichung is the famous FENGCHIA night market,which is just like our local pasar malam. There is a saying from a local....if you have not been to Fengchia, you havent been to Taichung !!!! Loads of yummy Taiwanese street foods can be found here, together with cheap and trendy gifts for everyone. If you want value for money shopping, here is the place .

Yummy roast cuttlefish. NT40/each

Noodle store with where you pick the ingredients.

Pepper meat bun, another favourite street food

Takoyaki, influenced by the Japanese which ruled Taiwan for over 50 years

Another must try, spare parts of gizzards, intestines etc

Its been ages since I had a coke the old skool way, directly from a glassbottle!

Howard Prince Taichung has been like a home away from home for me each time I visit Taichung. And believe me.they do really serves good food !!!!!!! Recommended is Yangtse River restaurant located in 16th Floor. But sometimes its really funny that they like to serveswestern chinese food here in a same meal.............

Smoked salmon salad with Sesame oil sauce

Cold appetizers. My all time favourite is the marinated cherry tomato in prune juice !!

Chinese style Beef steak with red wine sauce which we had for dinner on the first night.

Lamb shoulders, which makes up part of our lunch on the 2nd day.
Shark fin dumpling soup for lunch....

Haha also saw our humble Proton Savvy made into Taiwans shore !!


JASON said...

ouch!!! must go ald

tanalan2 said...

Yeah yeah..must go. Well what atracts you ?? The Betelnut girl?? haha

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

damn, u make me wanna go taiwan... for the food!

tanalan2 said...

Kuan : Yeah yeah..u must go !!! Yummy street food !!!!!


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