Wednesday, 13 February 2008

So what you did this Chinese New Year ???

I am back !!! After nights and nights of endless gambling and drinking, I am finally back on my heels again !!!! What am I up to ??? Depressed from my recent break-up ?? Chinese New Year of course !!!!

Day 1, has been usual...waiting for my relatives to come and do my annual collection of angpows !! As usual being bombarded with the usual questions on when are you getting married ??? " Nah this angpow is last for you ok , next year no more " sort of questions ..... To evade being bombarded and unable to answer some very senstitive questions thrown to me ( you guys know what )....I decided to breakaway by taking my afternoon nap..getting ready for................

Nights of endless gambling of cause !!!

Which also includes a night out at Bangkok Jazz with Milk, Olivia , Tammie and her cousin from Australia.

Of all, the most interesting was attending a buddy's wedding dinner on the 4th day !! What on earth is he getting hitch on this day ??? Anyway congragulations to David and Ann. As a results of FFK in the morning as a HengTai.....I was assigned to be his drinking partner... that is to drink on his behalf..and getting drunk in the process......

So what is a Chinese New Year without good food and brandy at Noble House,Jalan Delima ,KL ?

And also more gambling sessions to come...... not before praying to Tin Kung on the 8th day of the Lunar Calender ???????

My zombie look before another session of marathon gambling session !!

So how did you guys spend your Chinese New Year ???


Cmate said...

I usta gamble too.. just that this year, trying to save money, so didnt touch the cards. Touched the tiles though... mahjong tiles.

Kenny Ng said...

gamble bad for health... haha

tanalan2 said...

Kenny : Gambling can reduce stress mar.... also when gambling sometimes kan cheong..pressure goes up promoto blood flow !!!!

Cmate : Gamble and win money lol...


Merdeka !! Merdeka !!