Thursday, 21 February 2008

Lydia Sum ( 1945 - 2008 )

Lydia Shum Din-Ha, known as Fei-fei, or Fatty, and one of Hong Kong's most popular comedian actresses, died of liver tumor and other complications on Tuesday morning in a hospital in Hong Kong. She was 60 years old. With her signature smile, dark-rimmed glasses and comic hairstyle, Shum established herself as a comic and dramatic actress. Her successful career spanning almost half a century also included the role as a TV hostess.

Lydia Shum , Born in Shanghai in 1947, Sum made her movie debut at age 13 and acted in more than 100 movies in Hong Kong and hosted more than 5,000 episodes of variety shows. As Hong Kong leader Donald Tsang commented "Hong Kong grew up with her laughter. She brought us a lot of joy,''.

Recalling my younger days as a child I also grew up with Fei-Cher on TVB's Enjoy Yourself Tonight, that was the days where VCR tapes were the in thing. Indeed she has brought me many laughters, if my memory permits me...there was one episode on EYT, where despite her size..she stand on some egg and miracously it never break....and as a child then....i tried it at home too..and guess what ??? The eggs broke !!!!

May her soul rest in peace.

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