Sunday, 6 January 2008

A week has passed by....

Its been a week since you left. BB, thanks for your lovely Christmas present and your lovely card. Hopefully your wish for my dreams come true ,would be a reality. What I had wished for ?? I really wished that we can start a new , taking off from where we had stopped and continue loving you till the end . Only you can make my dream come true.

Also I wished to thank you for the sweet wonderful times you gave me while we were together. Believe me this few months has been the best months I’ve had all my life, let's cherished the best moments we had and look forward, if you belong to me, fate will bring us back together one day, who knows?

BB, just to let you know that I still care and love you very much.


Michael Song said...

it is not the end of the world mate... stay strong!!!

lasilasi said...

yes be strong man!


Merdeka !! Merdeka !!