Saturday, 29 December 2007


Hey guys, I just do not know how to break the news to you guys. Me & BB Milk just decided to give ourselves a break based on mutual understanding.

Sad, hopefully that its not for good, as she needed sometime to breathe and concentrate on her things.

BB, I know that I am selfish at times , wanting you to do things my way without considering your feelings . You are independent, while i wanted to control you. Maybe I've been too concern about you till you felt pressured and felt being controlled.

I know my temper is bad. But I did promised to you that I would try to change and control my temper. This need time and I asked you for a month, but the time is not up yet , yet you asked for a break.

I know I always wanted you to be beside me all the times, and this has left you little time for you to spend with your chi mui's. This has makes you uneasy. I can feel that. Seing your smiling happy face when you were with them really makes me thinking that there is one thing I cant provide you with...that is happiness. Now I realize that you needed more than my unconditional love and attention...that is space and freedom. But it came too late.

Hopefully with this break, we can both really think and know what we really wanted and what I can do to change and save this relationship. BB, I really cherish the few month we were together and I really hope that it would last forever. Remember our IKEA promise ???????

I really regretted for my actions when I started feeling changes in our relationship. I've tried letting things down and giving you freedom,but this need time...and time is what I really need, yet this thing happen.

You know I really want to keep this relationship going and BB please give me another chance to prove and change myself.

My mind telling me to be strong but I am just a very weak soul. How I wish I just can have this final relationship without having to start a new one again.

Another person I would like to say sorry is to BB grandma ,Sweetie. I am sorry for not being able to take care of Milk , my apology in any event I have mistreated her and I am glad the time we were together you had been half a grandma to me. Sweetie, also sorry to trouble you with my troubles , as you know her best, and I cant really think of any better one to pour my feelings and problems to. Thanks for all your advice, but I am sorry that I never took it and let my emotions took better of my mind . And finally to all my family and friends who looked up on me to get married with the girl I love, sorry for letting you guys down. Hopefully the day would come.

You know I really want to keep this relationship going and BB please give me another chance to prove and change myself. The door is always open awaiting your return. I promise I would change , if given a chance.

Luv u always BB.


adrian said...

Alan, I hope everything works out for both of you, whatever the outcome.

tanalan2 said...

Thanks Bro... Would pray for the best.

Anonymous said...

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