Sunday, 30 December 2007

2nd day into our break , sometimes we just tend to be ignorant. At times when we heard that someone breakup and how bad it was, you never really know it until you experience it for yourself. To let go and forget about a relationship, it is easy to be said than done.

And New Year is approaching, I could not help myself to think of how we of our good old time and all I left to do is to imagine you beside me ushering the New Year with me.

Well... I am just human, human with feelings. No matter how I want to be strong, there is a part in me which is still weak. Her face, her smell, her expression, her likings and dislikes, her voice, all this just something that at the moment conquering my mind.

BB,. This week has been my my most lonely and horrible week without you. Going back to an empty bed , brings back our sweet memories and I cant stop thinking about the good times we had. I just cant help myself but to think of you when I wake up're the first thing on my mind. And before I close my eyes, you are the last thing on my mind.

But I respect your decision not to stay together until the day we get married and staying over at Tam’s place that’s why I never complaint at all.

BB, reached home to an empty bed and looking into your picture really brings back the sweet memories you brought to me over the time. It makes me realize how much you really mean to me and how much I really miss you now. I miss your smell. Hopefully that time would heal our relationship .

Still awaiting for your return.

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