Monday, 13 April 2009

Coliseum Cafe , the grand old dame of Kuala Lumpur

With 88 years of history in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman , the restaurant is already a grandpa in Malaysia's culinary scene. Its also reputated as the first western restaurant here in Malaysia. But the rowds that throngs the eatery , inclydes the young and contemporary , rich and famous , royalties and foreigners. Which includes Selangor royalty and Malaysia's promonent cartoonist , Datuk Lat, which cartoon often sets itself here in Coliseum.

Apart from regular dining tables, there is also a bar and a lounge at one end of the cafe. One wall of the lounge is heavily decorated with old newspaper clippings that go as far back as the 1920s. It also has framed caricatures of well-known regulars, courtesy of Lat.

The café’s exterior may be stained and cracked with age and the passing of time, but step into the place, and one will discover that this is part of the charm that makes this Grand Dame of Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman a favourite, generation after generation.At first glance, the Coliseum Cafe appears to be just another traditional coffee shop. In fact, the cafe is heavily influenced by English culture, so much so that people have said that it’s like walking into a Somerset Maugham short story. Some might also imagine that it resembles a western bar from the front façade.

The place has been decent, dependable and unoretentious for the past 88 years. The sands of time have not soiled its nostalgic charm. You can almost breath its colonial charm as you walk into the Coliseum Cafe and be greeted by waiters as old as the place. You wont find any low cholestrol choices peppering its menu , as once you tasted the food , it can make one quickly forget about the calorie.

Still the old fashion bread being served here.

Sizzling sirloin with mushroom sauce.

Sizzling Steak Chateaubriand steak. The most expensive on the menu at RM60 ! But the tenderness is out of this world !!!!!!! But prefer the fillet steak for the flavour. The Chateaubriand steak is a cut from the head of tenderloin .

Inchi Kabin, fried nyonya chicken. The looks can be deceiving. Wait till you sink your mouth into this succelent and juicy pieces of dry on the outside, juicy inside chicken !!!

Crab au gratin , Their infamous stuffed crab !!

The sizzling process...........

First the plate is warm under hot fire.

Slab a piece of butter on top....ssshhhhhhhh......let it melt n place the steak on top.

Pour in the sauce of choice....enjoy the sound....
Voila !!! Done..set back relax n enjoy the signature sizzling steak here !!

Nostalgic shots which brought u back to the past...


Feedmelah! said...

I used to eat at this restaurant when I was a kid, and when they had a branch in taman tun. I remember there's an old Indian uncle there who speaks fluent hainanese and my grandfather will always have a long chat with him when we eat there. Its been a long time, the food they serve still looks the same. Should make a visit there one day.

tanalan2 said...

Ohh..thought that there is only one coliseum ?? Or is it just sharing the same name sake ????


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