Saturday, 4 April 2009

CWZJ Cuisine (Tea King Restaurant,) Kuchai Lama..again.......

Makes your choice . Types of pu-ergh tea written over the Chinese fan.

Vintage Pu-ergh tea from my collection

Since I brought my friend , who I should refer here as CC once to this CWZJ once last year...she kept mentioning to me that she would bring her mum one day as her mum is also a pu-ergh tea fan ! Since her sister is back from the UK for holiday ..... we took da chance to treat her mum and her younder sister to this mecca of tea.

Started of with ABC soup with lobster head. A common soup makes special with the addition of lobster head , whole chicken leg , dried octopus , dried scallops really send the taste buds into action, savouring the sweetness of this soup. At RM38 its enough to serve almost 8 bowls .

Stir fried pork neck meat with scallops and asparagus. Slightly spicy though.
My favourite tofu dish. Steam homemade tofu with minced meat, olives and dried shrimp.

Chu Yau Char rice. Best eaten hot. SInfully fattening , not for the faint hearted with clogged arteries though . Pieces of lard are fried and mixed into the claypot rice ! RM24.

Steam Soon Hock fish. A real dissapointment. Even its cut from a 6kg fish , this Indonesian reared Soon Hock, the flesh is soft and lack the springiness that normally associated with large size Soon Hocks. Still prefer those from the rivers of Pahang.

Steamed tapioca in syrup to counter the Hypoglycemia effect of the sugar lowering effect of the raw pu-ergh tea.

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