Sunday, 25 January 2009

Ming Room,Bangsar Shopping Center

As Chinese New Year comes near , reunion dinners are common. And this time is just among a bunch of our old friends . With different venues each year, but we seems to be stuck back with restaurants under the Oriental Group banner, and this time is at Ming Room , Bangsar Shoping Center. For those not sure, this group also operates the famed Noble Huse and Noble Banquet restaurants in KL.

Salmon yeesang to start off the dinner .
Braised sharkfin soup in claypotThai style . Its served in individual claypot with combs of intact shark fins , conpoy and crabmeats with optional beansprouts for added crunch. To spice upthis great dish , you just need a dash of the fiery hot Thai style green chili sauce which really compliments this dish very well.

BBQ suckling pig. Crispy till the last piece !!!

Baked white tuna fish with Miso paste. The miso paste lends its saltiness to compliments this white meat fish perfectly without over powering the natural sweetnessof the tuna. Topped with some fried foochok pieces for added crunch and served on a bed of french beans tossed in garlic sauce.

Braised abalone with dried seafood in winter melon. A must dish in traditional CNY dinner as it symbolics abundance of wealth as well as the mini fresh abalones also looks like gold nuggets from the olden China. And flavourful from the dried seafood lends its taste to the otherwise humble oyster sauce sauce.

Braised egg noodles with eggplant and minced meat.

Delicious Tang Yuen with black sesame fillings in ginger flavoured syrup.

The 10 of us were really filled to the brim after the dinner. At RM988 ++ this set dinner is really worth the money for the quality of food served and the environment . IMHO, its much more value money than out earlier suggestion Ah Yat Abalone Forum , which cost more with a much smaller serving.

And i really look foward to my mums birthday dinner which is coming up soon , at Ming's Room again.

3rd Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Bukit Bandaraya, 59000 KL
Tel: 03- 2284 8822 Fax: 03- 2284 3822

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